You must be a Registered User to Chat in the Shoutbox. Is this what cumlord thinks?
Bayson 4/28 4:39am
OH and I linked an awful video of something microsoft related and must have deleted it on accident. RIP.
Ados 4/27 4:53pm
remember CM today boys
Marozzi 4/27 3:39pm
ados is walter white and telethar is hank schrader...we all know what happens to schrader :kappa:
Robert Redford 4/27 2:14pm
Where is this video?
Telethar 4/27 1:25pm
There was a video with what Ados said.. It made more sense that way. But you could just take it as Ados is going to kill you.
Schrei 4/27 11:52am
Telethar 4/27 11:37am
Tread carefully Telethar
Ados 4/27 3:36am
I'm watching Anthony Bourdain eat his way through Sao Paulo. How the fuck does his cab driver speak better english than Marozzi?
Typheous 4/26 6:09pm
pikmin signal!
Marozzi 4/26 2:12pm
which would allow you to customize the parts
jubz 4/26 2:04am
you can setup the leaf as a "Part" and then create an "Assembly" which has all of the parts included
jubz 4/26 2:04am
Can solidworks do easy model manipulation? Such as taking a tree branch for example with leaves and such, then being able to change the geometry of each leaf face that's been scanned in?
Bayson 4/25 8:18pm
rip goblinrozzi
Marozzi 4/25 7:55pm
Solidworks is better
jubz 4/25 7:06pm
Anyone with experience in 3D modeling? I'm looking to edit 3D .stl mesh files and currently playing around with Maya/3DS Max and Zbrush.
Bayson 4/25 6:55pm the good ol days when marozzi was a non-rat race
Robert Redford 4/25 6:03pm
thats not true
Vudani 4/24 3:30pm
from what i am reading the consensus is the guy who does the camera is indeed a shitlord
Hodorchan 4/24 2:44pm
Hodorchan 4/24 2:41pm
Vudani 4/24 12:36pm
Vudani 4/24 12:36pm
It's probably Alex Jaske, I heard he was a faggot
Ados 4/24 11:22am
As if I would fucking play league of legends
Ados 4/24 11:22am

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