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Grats guys
Meecs 4/18 11:28am
Damn you've become bitter now scheiryl
Bayson 4/17 8:43pm
Marozzi 4/17 8:26pm
I think the short version is Cheryl is a bitch and nobody should be friends with her.
Schrei 4/17 7:31pm
I thought it was September 11th
Icyy 4/17 4:07pm
sry im jus havin some fun. the answer is actually september 04
ekyo 4/17 3:50pm
Why are you trolling Ekyo?
Telethar 4/17 3:38pm
alberts first statement rules out ALL of june and may, not just the days.
ekyo 4/17 2:58pm
ohhhh, those are the only two days that aren't unique. that's what I was getting hung up on.
Icyy 4/17 1:34pm
In more exciting news, ... 80101.html NOPENOPENOPE
Telethar 4/17 12:53pm
Albert's first statement rules out June 18th and May 19th. Bernard knows the month but not the day. After ruling out the first two, Bernard now knows the answer based only on the Month. That means the month is unique, there is only one unique month -- June. The answer is June 17th
Telethar 4/17 12:53pm
Unless I'm missing something, that still doesn't tell me anything.
Icyy 4/17 12:12pm
Malachi, can you pm me that imgur from last night. I gotta show the guys at work lol
Nicolaa 4/17 12:04pm
did you skip the part where she tells one the month and the other the day?
shaky 4/17 10:53am
I don't see how though. I don't know, he doesn't know, now we both magically know the date with no hints.
Icyy 4/17 10:49am
Grats guys, just in time for ptr tonight
Typheous 4/17 9:52am
gz fuckers! :)
Timor 4/17 7:47am
Basson signal
Marozzi 4/16 8:09pm
ekyo 4/16 8:05pm
how the fuck did you get that answer?
Icyy 4/16 6:53pm
that's the answer I got as well
moruff 4/16 1:33pm
u srs ekyo?
shaky 4/16 12:55pm
Who would be friends with Cheryl
Deci 4/16 9:38am
Timor 4/16 7:22am


Formed in 2008, Pie Chart is a semi-hardcore guild that raids four nights a week while competing for top world and US rankings in PVE content. We have built an environment where we focus on maintaining the highest efficiency in raiding possible, where we can respect people's real life demands and still manage to succeed at a hobby. We like to provide a community that is fun, friendly, and diverse, one that brings various people of all different walks of life to compete and succeed in a team based environment. Over the course of our history, Pie Chart's raiding core has strengthened and we are now steadily competing in the top 10 US, and always aiming higher.

We are a guild that prides itself on success with limited time. We also enjoy the fact that as we have grown steadily throughout the last few tiers, we have maintained a commitment to fun, generally keeping most of the drama, elitism, and conflict that comes with high level gaming out of our guild. We maintain a transparent environment where members get to partake in a lot of the decisions we make as a guild.

Our raid schedule is; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Invites are at 7:00 PM EST and we raid from 7:30 PM EST to 12:30 AM EST. As a rule, we do not extend raid times unless we are close to a kill, and even then the decision is made as a group - though historically the consensus is usually the same.


Tier 15
Heroic: Ra-den (25 Player): May 22, 2013 (10th US)

Tier 14
Heroic: Sha of Fear (25 Player): December 20, 2012 (11th US)
Heroic: Grand Empress (25 Player): November 25, 2012 (7th US)
Heroic: Will of the Emperor (25 Player): October 23, 2012 (7th US)

Tier 13
Heroic: Madness of Deathwing (25 Player): January 22, 2012 (10th US)
Heroic: Spine of Deathwing (25 Player): January 16, 2012 (10th US)

Tier 12
Heroic: Ragnaros (25 Player): September 9, 2011 (15th US)

Tier 11
Heroic: Al'Akir (25 Player): March 16, 2011 (10th US)
Heroic: Sinestra (25 Player): March 10, 2011 (11th US)
Heroic: Nefarian (25 Player): March 2, 2011 (27th US)
Heroic: Cho'gall (25 Player): February 28, 2011 (12th US)

Tier 8-10
Heroic: Lich King (25 Player): May 27, 2010 (19th US)
Heroic: Professor Putricide (25 Player): March 12, 2010 (26th US)
Heroic: Alone in the Darkness: August 17, 2009 (34th US)
Heroic: Observed: July 30, 2009 (46th US)


If you're interested in helping us further solidify our roster, head on over to our Applications section. You can read more information on what classes we are looking for, and what we are looking for in you as a raider.


Pie Chart is a guild that intends to be as unique and innovative as possible, dedicated to the idea of cultivating a fun and fulfilling community. If you have any questions for us, feel free to contact any of our officers through our website or in game.

Officers: Vudani, Ados, Grillsmash, Kanjar, Shakyra