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dance i might not be able to make it tonight at 6:30pm est time
dishi 7/1 1:10pm
I'll be on ye cunt, bought a temporary one. #dedication #hashtag
Gurzen 6/30 6:20pm
Marozzi 6/30 2:31pm
You can just relog if that happens, should be fixed when you get back. Even if you are doing some quest scenario like your relic. Relog has fixec all phasing issues for me.
Marozzi 6/30 2:31pm
Been having the same issue with resto shaman since I made a character copy.
Thorazine 6/30 2:27pm
only proglem is that faction change isn't always enabled, so you would have to check frequently to make sure you're horde again before testing
moruff 6/30 2:24pm
@Pag Solution is to faction change to get into the correct phase. Happened on my warlock
moruff 6/30 2:23pm
worked for me on hpally yesterday
Skyfall 6/30 2:16pm
Has anyone else tried to get their artifact the last few days? The dk unholy quest has been bugged for me. I tried a shadow priest and that wasn't working either. The quests do not update when you get where you need to be. Maybe I should try it on a class designed to do dps and see if it works.
Pagulayan 6/30 2:03pm
Can you eyemagine?
Hastera 6/30 12:05pm
are you telling Ari to go blow himself, schrei?
Dance 6/30 7:34am
Why are u dogding ptr andy
Marozzi 6/30 6:48am
Gurzen 6/30 4:51am
my power supply died
Gurzen 6/30 4:51am
Get one of these: It'll simulate monk healing at least.
Schrei 6/29 7:17pm
that doesn't seem to be fair. I don't feel warm and fuzzy when I get healed, why should I get hurt when I stand in bad shit?
Telethar 6/29 6:20pm
Only if something inflicts pain when standing in bad shit.
Schrei 6/29 6:18pm
get a big open room and use vive motion tracking to move out of mechanics
Telethar 6/29 2:10pm
we should all raid with VR headsets in first person
Telethar 6/29 2:09pm
gj patty, youre retarded.
Arcenciel 6/29 12:37pm Killed too fast, but got too furious.
Rhilis 6/28 11:40pm
Gurzen 6/28 7:37pm