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bear down
cabana 9/15 12:23am
Marshall is on fire who has him in fantasy?
Thorazine 9/14 11:30pm
I read "I fuck love penis" the first time i read that
Meecs 9/14 12:51pm
cant fuckin upload img from my cel here but i have something for you ados
Marozzi 9/14 8:22am
Marozzi 9/14 8:20am
i fuck love paris
Marozzi 9/14 8:19am
iccy shut the fuck up
cabana 9/14 2:25am
Wrong. The Wire was and is amazing to this day. The characters are so good.
Meecs 9/13 9:28pm
i think the wire is overated now a days. it might of been amazing back then but when i watched it i was like this is good not amazing
Icyy 9/13 5:09pm
nah i dui lab, dealing with mcnultys
cabana 9/13 4:12pm
Are you a blood spatter analyst for the Miami police department Cabana?
Icyy 9/13 4:01pm working the lab #dextermorgan
cabana 9/13 2:24pm
i'm against the guy that has him this week WORD
shaky 9/13 11:28am
streaming with randoms
cabana 9/12 6:08pm
Icyy 9/12 3:38pm
i just got rid of some stupid save clicker spyware on my pc lol, so much nicer now
Kotr 9/12 1:24pm
your browser is hacked sir. go uninstall whatever plugin you have
pankey 9/12 11:27am
an actual ad, not a forum post
Telethar 9/11 7:11pm
Pankey, why was there a headphone advertisement in the view unread posts page?
Telethar 9/11 7:11pm
sorry team
Akina 9/11 6:56pm

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