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Wow excited to play mine this weekend! 25% buffs!?!?! They weren't even that weak
moruff 10/30 11:00am
Moonkin boffs!
Akina 10/30 10:44am
But what about the Amazing Blowoffs? Kappa
jubz 10/30 10:28am
Marozzi u so mean
Veredra 10/30 6:41am
I agree. Fuck that whale.
cabana 10/29 11:47pm
shut the fuck up kotr
Marozzi 10/29 9:54pm
can we ban the posting of kaceytron videos on the forums
Kotr 10/29 8:35pm
ya pm me on forums and we can talk tomorrow :)
Kanjar 10/28 11:48pm
this guild sells garrosh kills right? mythic runs and such?
mawster88 10/28 9:14pm
Vudani 10/28 6:09pm
Extended maintenance inc.
Valourknight 10/28 4:35pm
No servers till 7
Talents 10/28 4:22pm
So weird trying to type this: We reserved seats at a secret Starcraft fest and we were arrested after dad ate stewardesses' eggs
Timor 10/28 3:45pm
i can't even log on the beta, getting realms incompatible not sure why because my client is up to date and there isnt any maintenance im aware of
Kotr 10/26 9:57pm
Normal Highmaul is open 10-30 players if anyone is interested.
Glucklich 10/26 8:40pm
Pelinal 10/25 7:43am
Why are you putting down obs?? :(
Icyy 10/25 3:00am
its like putting down a pet, hate to do it but has to be done
Kanjar 10/25 12:03am
so much green hate
Marozzi 10/24 11:21pm
Kanjar is always spiteful regardless of if you're leaving him or not.
Schrei 10/24 8:36pm
fkn kanjar. I bet hes spiteful cause im leaving him
Oldburnsides 10/24 8:35pm
Nooo obsss :(
Marozzi 10/24 8:28pm

Madness of Deathwing


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