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Haha. Pretty much. On a related note, mage legendaries got buffed! If only we got the one patty linked on top of it.
Espo 8/26 6:12pm
espo knew what he was doing jumping ship
Robert Redford 8/26 4:03pm
those guys should work for blizzard
Kanjar 8/26 3:02pm
thats a cool concept for a legendary
Kanjar 8/26 3:02pm
Patrick 8/26 2:14pm
Haste, I found a solution for your balding issue. ... gmentation
Gurzen 8/26 1:40am
dishi 8/26 12:16am
that was the best WA, my pyro button knew when that WA popped thats for sure
Talents 8/25 11:33pm
has anyone been following the warlock crying on official forums pls tldr
Patrick 8/25 4:54pm
uh I mean ive got a brf 4pc weakaura if you want rofl
Robert Redford 8/25 4:48pm
Gurzen, fire doesn't use WAs
Harpo 8/25 4:23pm
Just cutting out on EU / us powerlevelers from sneaking in a extra lockout
Talents 8/25 9:26am
No, they're not available until the server reset 8/30 11am est
Talents 8/25 9:25am
mythic dungeons not available until Sept 6?
moruff 8/25 8:44am
Hyper/Harpo, I need some good Fire WAs.
Gurzen 8/25 2:36am
Hodor Hokage was the best FFXIV melee, now the best melee in Legion
Hodorchan 8/25 2:32am
Hodor will save us, as survival.
Marozzi 8/25 2:09am
Gurzen 8/25 12:58am
Hyper will save us.
Gurzen 8/25 12:58am
harpo will save us
Robert Redford 8/25 12:37am
Ok going demo, good luck with add dmg guys
moruff 8/24 11:51pm