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Yes I am actually a 45 year old white guy living in suburbia, I have 2.5 kids and I drive a minivan
Dance 2/5 3:56pm
Was going to say coming from the one getting married, but then I remembered you are old :P
Glucklich 2/5 11:34am
you're only 21 and already living with your gf? rip 20s lifestyle
moruff 2/4 6:35pm
Akina 2/4 6:16pm
i was thinking more like 50
Robert Redford 2/4 5:43pm
u still sound like ur 40
Phíl 2/4 4:58pm
I am now oficially 21, I will see you all on tuesday when I'm finally sober
Dance 2/4 4:15pm
rip net died. trying to get back on.
Thorazine 2/2 11:47pm
ban inc
Robert Redford 2/2 7:29pm
oops, wrong screenshot. inside the house
yungg 2/2 6:38pm
chest doesnt despawn, you can farm artifact power if theres stuff you wanna try out
yungg 2/2 6:32pm
yungg 2/2 1:55am
Phíl 2/1 2:36pm
Nicolaa 1/31 8:07pm
my ffxiv download errored out or some shit, so I've got to restart the DL, not gonna make raid tonight i dont think
Dance 1/31 5:53pm
It's early, I'm sure they'll make improvements to Sub..
Gurzen 1/31 12:56am
Yeah, not paying much attention to damage atm, just playstyle.
Gurzen 1/31 12:56am
shadow is due to get rekt on alpha any day now just wait
Robert Redford 1/31 12:55am
just reroll shadow priest
Arcenciel 1/31 12:11am
Wow what a stalker
moruff 1/30 11:17pm
Happy bday moruFF
Phíl 1/30 2:25pm
Nico, I'm watching the new FFXIV live letter and they spent more time talking about the jukebox introduced for housing than they did for the entirety of pve content. 4head
Ados 1/30 5:51am

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