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best pickup line NA
Pelinal 10/31 2:56am
Ay gurl is your name hoover? Because DAAAAAAAMNNNNNN
Pelinal 10/31 2:55am
Depends on the quality of the quiver.
Schrei 10/31 2:37am
Noriala 10/31 12:23am
Would you guys think of me any differently if I brought a quiver full of pick up lines to blizzcon?
Tirain 10/30 11:54pm
Might be running a flex or heroic tonight with some friends, if anyone wants to bring an alt. Around 8ish est
Thorazine 10/30 6:22pm
Scourge strike +50%! Necrosis +67% Yeah! Tho.. Necrosis needs Multistrike to work...
Glucklich 10/30 5:59pm
such kappas...... :kappa:
jubz 10/30 4:38pm
Kanjar 10/30 3:41pm
\/ :kappa:
Marozzi 10/30 3:29pm
More Hunter nerfs sick. We were too OP so understandable. Had to bring us back down to everyone elses level so people had a chance.
Oromiselda17 10/30 1:37pm
Vudani 10/30 1:25pm
jubz 10/30 12:36pm
jubz 10/30 12:36pm
jubz 10/30 12:36pm
Vudani 10/30 12:16pm
:kappa: = Grey Space (no face)
Marozzi 10/30 12:11pm
do you even :kappa:
Marozzi 10/30 12:10pm
greyface moonkings return
Vudani 10/30 12:01pm
Wow excited to play mine this weekend! 25% buffs!?!?! They weren't even that weak
moruff 10/30 11:00am
Moonkin boffs!
Akina 10/30 10:44am
But what about the Amazing Blowoffs? Kappa
jubz 10/30 10:28am
Marozzi u so mean
Veredra 10/30 6:41am

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