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Hastera literally linked this to me and said "she is so cute dude, I can't believe it":
Ados 7/2 3:27am
rank 20 is faceroll you should man up
Inoxia 7/2 3:11am
who wants to play my hearthstone account for me to rank 20 for dat Darkspear carback? plx
Oldburnsides 7/1 6:12pm
that didnt work, but restarting my computer did it looks like. weird.
Skyfall 7/1 5:16pm
Restarted bnet client and a download started
Thorazine 7/1 5:00pm
I tried logging on, closed it and then it patched
Kanjar 7/1 4:58pm
Thorazine 7/1 4:58pm
Anyone else having trouble getting online? It says I need to download a patch, but there is no patch downloading.
Skyfall 7/1 4:57pm
Marozzi 7/1 2:48pm
what fight is this hodor
Robert Redford 7/1 2:18pm
Front page of MMO-Champ gg op
Schrei 7/1 4:06am
Hodorchan 7/1 3:34am
GL boys :D
Timor 6/30 8:19pm
Pikmin III 6/30 6:21pm
h u c k f a s t e r a why does blizzard hate mages
Robert Redford 6/30 5:27pm
This trinket
Hastera 6/30 1:19pm
looks like only OC's quest reset
Meecs 6/29 7:26pm
I'm going to put together a normal arch run at 9:00, expect to pull trash by 9:15
Telethar 6/29 5:06pm
mine didn't either
Akina 6/29 1:27pm
mine didnt?
Kanjar 6/29 12:55pm
@Suplift: PSA: the timewalking coin quest just reset! You can get 4 coins this week also!
Meecs 6/29 12:41pm
Who is Meryn Trant I only know Meryn fucking Trant
Hastera 6/29 9:03am
Snape kills Jon Snow. And Stannis. And Shireen. And Meryn Trant.
Schrei 6/29 1:18am
Have to kill mythic bosses to get mythic loot. The fact that we're getting heroic boxes with only 6 kills either means the count is low and should be relatively easy to get for the second round or they did give us some benifit for last tier
Talents 6/26 10:24am

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