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CoD MLG videos are my fave
Kotr 7/31 10:15pm
I'll be at the early one. Going 120 with the lights on.
cabana 7/31 4:27pm
log on if you can make the test in 15 mins
Marozzi 7/31 4:14pm
same for me, meeting til at least 5-530 today unfortunately.
Vudani 7/31 12:42pm
I probably wont be able to get the first test today due to work, but i will be there for the 7pm one
jubz 7/31 11:52am
I play a belf to be pretty. There will be a period where I have the ugliest model. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.
Schrei 7/31 1:07am
When's a realistic date so I can set my schedule. Am I good til mid Oct?
cabana 7/31 1:04am
inb4 November 18th
Malachi 7/31 12:51am
although as a blood elf this makes me sad, it also means they are pushing for a release date that they are like NAW WE CANT DO BELFS
Pelinal 7/31 12:48am
New belfs not in at launch. qqqqqqqqqqqqqq.
Schrei 7/31 12:38am
oh i get it
Meecs 7/30 8:29pm
wtf is eagling
Meecs 7/30 8:18pm
Someone again record the early test. Kids got work. Might duck early. Might eagle too.
cabana 7/30 7:37pm
4:30 est 7 est
Glucklich 7/30 7:11pm
same times right?
Akina 7/30 6:50pm
It'll be one after another with a break between so as people get on well pull everyone in.
Vudani 7/30 5:36pm
Raid testing tomorrow! Remember tomorrow evening is one of our official raid days
Glucklich 7/30 4:11pm
jubz 7/29 11:23am
cabana 7/29 1:26am
Marozzi 7/29 1:16am
Bosch 7/29 12:19am

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