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I'm with you on that one Wobe
jubz 4/16 4:59pm
So he's bringing another modem with him when he comes meecs. \o/ Praying it works!
Wobe 4/16 12:35pm
Wobe 4/16 11:23am
Wobe 4/16 2:07am
good idea
Vudani 4/15 6:34pm
We should get a sock sponsor, I think Hanes is pretty heavy "dooty" >.>
Wobe 4/15 2:25pm
Yes, it will be possible to clear mythic and heroic every week
Pikmin III 4/15 10:22am
Correct me if I'm wrong.. but does this mean back to like ICC days to get loot by raiding the instance twice? (Yeah, loot once per lockout. Heroic and Mythic are separate lockouts;)
Glucklich 4/15 3:53am -- Just another day in the life of the BR's
Malachi 4/15 1:22am
More like 30. Shuttle bus to parking lot took forever.
Bayson 4/14 5:46pm
I'll be about 20 minutes late to challenge modes.
Bayson 4/14 5:34pm
of course it does marozzi, nobody is outside when its -15, can't do a drive-by if your car won't start
cabana 4/14 5:00pm
Marozzi 4/14 3:31pm
.... though criminologists have said that weather does play a role in violent crime.
Marozzi 4/14 3:31pm
Sorry I no showed alt raid and didn't post. It's been a rough weekend. ... -gage-park
cabana 4/14 2:12pm
Marozzi 4/14 12:26pm
Army of the Dead might come back for all specs as an instant cast rather than a channel
Marozzi 4/14 12:26pm
Justice has been served!
Glucklich 4/14 4:59am
Mathris 4/13 12:44pm
I'll be on for RBG's. 2 of the guys had to work tonight and we barely got any sleep so ended a few hours early
Bayson 4/12 3:34pm
Carl from The Walking Dead is streaming League of Legends rofl
Sentiments 4/11 9:55pm

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