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thats not true
Vudani 4/24 3:30pm
from what i am reading the consensus is the guy who does the camera is indeed a shitlord
Hodorchan 4/24 2:44pm
Hodorchan 4/24 2:41pm
Vudani 4/24 12:36pm
Vudani 4/24 12:36pm
It's probably Alex Jaske, I heard he was a faggot
Ados 4/24 11:22am
As if I would fucking play league of legends
Ados 4/24 11:22am
i don't get it
Ados 4/24 11:21am
Gosh darnit Alex j!
Vudani 4/24 11:03am
wats rude? I don't know what happened
Ados 4/24 10:49am
Wait, is that you?
Vudani 4/24 10:10am
Ados, that is fucking rude
Vudani 4/24 10:08am
mooooda my beta senpai :(
Marozzi 4/23 7:07pm
Shameless promotion
Icyy 4/23 2:19pm
so strong
Gordonbombay 4/23 12:40pm
The alt raid got a 95% execution ranking on blackhand
Gordonbombay 4/23 11:29am
Never saw an app from you...
moruff 4/23 8:10am
hey do yall have anywhere on here that you can check the status of your application.
Phyrobubble 4/23 8:02am
lilucky136: Alright best preformance, bruno mars - treasure weighted 100%
Ados 4/23 2:51am
pankey 4/22 11:59pm
Marozzi 4/22 10:31pm
you can do me by hand anytime
moruff 4/22 10:24pm

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