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kotr that's so catchy
shaky 7/24 12:35am
Fuck Dan
Icyy 7/23 6:38pm Just noticed I posted the wrong thing. This is what I meant!
Brutus 7/23 6:28pm
@Moruff my husband.
Brutus 7/23 3:01pm
Cabana, they have no clue what they want.
Typheous 7/23 1:24pm
@moruff Cristiano ronaldo
Meecs 7/23 1:14pm
Didn't Blizz just say they wanted to limit casting while moving ie. get rid of ele and lock mobility then they give hunters that?
cabana 7/23 12:16pm
Who's that retarded white guy?
moruff 7/23 9:03am
rip kotr
Veredra 7/22 10:43pm
they up
Vudani 7/22 7:25pm
if anyone can spot me a month i can pay you back or give you gold
Kotr 7/22 7:20pm
Typheous 7/22 7:18pm
lol so my game time expired today and i don't have any money on my paypal right now ... oops...
Kotr 7/22 7:16pm
they must be putting all their resources in the beta servers...
cabana 7/22 6:07pm
RIP WoW servers, see you guys on Wednesday I'm kidding please show up
Malachi 7/22 5:47pm
I love dr. Malcolm but his hero ball with the flare got people killed. Dr Grant had it under control
cabana 7/21 10:46pm
Pankey, wtf is this app of the day stuff that shows up on the bottom of the page if you're running adblock?? (it's always in the html, but it's normally invisible)
Telethar 7/21 7:31pm
get a toon on mekkatorke
Marozzi 7/21 5:50pm
you broke the server vowdany
Marozzi 7/21 5:16pm
servers are lookin in tiptop shape. In other news, lol ogre with mauls.
Vudani 7/21 5:10pm
lmao nice find
Akina 7/21 4:04pm

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