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Not my picture, just saw it on the dk discord and seemed appropriate after how rough my tanking experience was.
Pagulayan 9/26 8:26am
what the seriuos fuck are you doing at your garrison, pull it together man!
Ados 9/26 4:33am
Pagulayan 9/26 3:40am
Just tossed in an app. Hope to hear from you guys soon :)
Azurik 9/26 2:24am
i just finished watching that
Talents 9/24 7:11pm
Talents 9/24 7:11pm
Gurzen 9/24 7:05pm
"This is absolute bullshit! Time for a class-action lawsuit vs. Blizzard. I'm fed up. It was hard enough performing with strong burst classes, and now this!? FU Blizzard!"
Gurzen 9/24 7:05pm
Gurzen 9/24 7:04pm
Damnit, i forgot about my cereal and it got soggy.
Albimoo 9/24 12:46pm
Damnit, should've stayed mage
Talents 9/24 12:19pm
Damnit, should've went demonology
moruff 9/24 7:58am
hodor i have a plan
Marozzi 9/22 8:37am
This should make you happy, Kanjar.
Gurzen 9/19 3:33am
10% spriest buff in 7.1? did I read that right?
Malachi 9/16 3:55pm
moruff 9/16 7:48am
LOL rip Gurzen
Akina 9/16 4:44am

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In preparation for Archimonde, I was asked if I knew anyone that could help us. For a moment I was lost, but I knew a strong and independent woman that needed no man and I raced to snapchat to cash in a favor. RuPaul accepted [...]

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1, 2

Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall~~~!!!!


The Great Lady Cyrus from the Hills of Beverly wrote:
All I wanted was to break your walls
All you ever did was wreck me
Yeah, you, you wreck me

We hit the first brick wall of Hellfire Citadel and were forced to consult outside the guild for some guidance. Thanks to [...]

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10/10 Heroic HFC Cleared. VALUE!

edit: apparently 13/13*************


This week was jam packed and quickly over. Doing 2 split runs up through Shadowlord Iskar and combining groups to race our 12 hour raid week was stressful, but extremely fun. We accom [...]

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That's a wrap on Tier 17!


When we set out on this journey back in November, nobody knew the length in which our mettle would be tested. They say adversity builds character and I can say this tier has left very few of us unchanged. Where some peopl [...]

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The first raid of Warlords has been checked off the list and now we move forward with preparations for Blackhand and his minions. After over a year of one Orc, these Ogres served well to kick us off in this first half of the tier. Highmaul as a raid [...]

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