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yelling even
Icyy 8/20 5:25am
i wouldnt mind hearing harpo yell out BLIZZARD YEEEEEEA mid raid
Icyy 8/20 5:24am
Anyone streaming this one
Thorazine 8/19 4:33pm
log on for testing if you can
Marozzi 8/19 4:29pm
My sound is on, was nothing audible?
Typheous 8/19 3:30pm
you have to manually do it bayson
Icyy 8/19 2:41pm
jk had to put it up because of gchat
Icyy 8/19 2:22pm client won't log me in..
Bayson 8/19 2:18pm
no image this time vudani
Icyy 8/19 2:04pm
such power within beta trash packs
Vudani 8/19 1:59pm
the trash packs
Vudani 8/19 1:59pm
beta telling me I need a patch, then won't download anything when it closes the game
Noriala 8/19 1:47pm
someone tell typh to turn his sound on, the 2 people watching aren't going to steal strats
cabana 8/19 1:45pm
phew cross server, wasn't looking forward to cram levelling a druid to 91 on other server :)
jubz 8/19 1:28pm
stream link when can
cabana 8/19 12:50pm
Wow, you're the only person who actually listened to what I have to say Gluck, haha.
Harpo 8/19 12:02pm
Vudani 8/19 11:58am
We've applied a hotfix to allow players to raid cross-server Mythic for the purposes of Beta only
Pikmin III 8/19 11:49am
Switched routers and my latency went from 80-100+ down to 40-60.... I didn't know they made that big of a difference!
Glucklich 8/19 1:36am

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