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so what happend to the beta characters
latinoheat 7/26 9:09am
Marozzi 7/26 5:11am
going to start an rbg group around 8-9 est if anyone wants to go let me know, already got about 5-6 people
Moodha 7/26 5:07am
I need to move to Kansas City for Google fiber
Glucklich 7/25 7:37pm
Glucklich 7/25 7:36pm
Testing is on monday instead, correct?
Kotr 7/25 7:29pm
rerolling feral brb
Akina 7/25 7:12pm
Typheous 7/25 7:09pm
Shut up hidiot, go stare at your hideous helvui for eternity
Typheous 7/25 7:07pm
Glucklich 7/25 6:34pm
do we copy a character or create new with this beta wipe
cabana 7/25 5:55pm
that ui, my eyes hurt
Marozzi 7/25 5:49pm Pretty sure Unholy lied to us about quitting.
Typheous 7/25 5:15pm
Brutus 7/25 3:50pm
Brutus 7/25 3:46pm
Wow look at all those birthdays down below haha
Glucklich 7/25 3:30pm
i bet you all casuals wants that still. might be challenging still, idk
Marozzi 7/25 3:08pm
Eh Marozzi I doubt it's that challenging anymore :P
Glucklich 7/25 3:06pm
anyone other than moruff need a key?
Vudani 7/25 2:56pm
they are supposed to start at 2pm PDT. You gotta be fast so you can get one.
Marozzi 7/25 2:48pm
how do i do it?
Vudani 7/25 2:44pm

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A Strong Finish to a Good Tier.

Once again we pulled together for an incredible push to snatch the US 10th kill on Garrosh. We went in knowing exactly what we were going to do and that effort propelled to a kill we can all be proud of with one of the fewest pulls I have seen on the boss. After the right hook Paragons threw us we really bound together to prove ourselves and succeeded. Our community is what sets us apart from the rest of the pack and it is refreshing to be reaffirmed of our determination.

I am excited at the prospects of continuing the charge with Pie Chart into WoD. Many of our players have grown immensely since the start of the expansion and our newer members are looking just as promising.

Thanks for the best raiding expansion I have had so far (screw dailies).

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