You must be a Registered User to Chat in the Shoutbox. found pic of meecs
Robert Redford 3/6 10:32pm
Marozzi 3/6 7:22pm
good day for moruff
Robert Redford 3/6 5:29pm
Dam back to back China guilds killed The blackman today
Akina 3/6 5:18pm
kotr > dendi
Marozzi 3/6 2:35pm went 18-1 almost 50k dmg in this game and still lost for free, the dota life.
Kotr 3/6 7:44am
jubz 3/5 9:48am
thanks canada
moruff 3/5 9:40am
its funny Cabana I actually thought about when we got that kill on Twins just the other day.
Kotr 3/4 11:04pm
Yeah it is, I posted a similar SS lauding you all for it =P
Ashen 3/4 9:35pm
Think that's from ToT?
Meecs 3/4 9:18pm
Who bothers to post rankings for an unfinished tier lol
Ashen 3/4 8:29pm
leaving work late, be there asap
moruff 3/4 6:34pm
must be because Affinity joined midwinter Kappa
Kotr 3/4 6:57am
blood legion = tyrannosaurus rekt
Robert Redford 3/3 1:20pm
Kanjar 3/3 11:05am
Why would she name her son gym? It's usually spelled Jim #oxfordcommas
moruff 3/3 8:56am
shaky 3/2 11:56pm
she broke up with me on valentines day because "i really like you but with my son, gym and work we hardly get to see each other and you deserve better" i mean it's true but on valentines day?
Icyy 3/2 11:24pm
dont you have a gf
Robert Redford 3/2 11:13pm

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The first raid of Warlords has been checked off the list and now we move forward with preparations for Blackhand and his minions. After over a year of one Orc, these Ogres served well to kick us off in this first half of the tier. Highmaul as a raid was a very different experience than previous expansions and we overcome many new challenges despite the holiday season. I have confidence we will keep the momentum gained slaying the elusive Cho'gall and have all the cogs turning and ready for Blackrock!

With the knowledge we have gained about ourselves as a guild and the nature of Mythic raiding we have all the tools to really kick it off strong in February.

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