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but I hope you are right
Typheous 8/1 7:40pm
Official patch notes page says "Attempting to use an ability that requires a different stance will now automatically switch to that stance."
Typheous 8/1 7:40pm
It's on the front page of MMOC. Typh lets do 2s
Meecs 8/1 7:37pm
One can only hope... Celestalon is pretty fucking clueless.
Typheous 8/1 7:26pm
aka it is canceled.
Meecs 8/1 7:12pm
by the way that rally cry thing has a strike thru
Meecs 8/1 7:12pm
"Hey Ret: fuck you!" -- Blizz
Meecs 8/1 7:12pm
Rallying Cry now requires Defensive Stance.
Meecs 8/1 7:12pm
We're hoping to get a beta build out to you all early next week.
Glucklich 8/1 5:57pm
They were trying so hard to make cinderglacier part of our rune enchants... Rune of Cinderglacier has been removed.
Glucklich 8/1 5:05pm
CoD MLG videos are my fave
Kotr 7/31 10:15pm
I'll be at the early one. Going 120 with the lights on.
cabana 7/31 4:27pm
log on if you can make the test in 15 mins
Marozzi 7/31 4:14pm
same for me, meeting til at least 5-530 today unfortunately.
Vudani 7/31 12:42pm
I probably wont be able to get the first test today due to work, but i will be there for the 7pm one
jubz 7/31 11:52am
I play a belf to be pretty. There will be a period where I have the ugliest model. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.
Schrei 7/31 1:07am
When's a realistic date so I can set my schedule. Am I good til mid Oct?
cabana 7/31 1:04am
inb4 November 18th
Malachi 7/31 12:51am
although as a blood elf this makes me sad, it also means they are pushing for a release date that they are like NAW WE CANT DO BELFS
Pelinal 7/31 12:48am
New belfs not in at launch. qqqqqqqqqqqqqq.
Schrei 7/31 12:38am
oh i get it
Meecs 7/30 8:29pm
wtf is eagling
Meecs 7/30 8:18pm

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A Strong Finish to a Good Tier.

Once again we pulled together for an incredible push to snatch the US 10th kill on Garrosh. We went in knowing exactly what we were going to do and that effort propelled to a kill we can all be proud of with one of the fewest pulls I have seen on the boss. After the right hook Paragons threw us we really bound together to prove ourselves and succeeded. Our community is what sets us apart from the rest of the pack and it is refreshing to be reaffirmed of our determination.

I am excited at the prospects of continuing the charge with Pie Chart into WoD. Many of our players have grown immensely since the start of the expansion and our newer members are looking just as promising.

Thanks for the best raiding expansion I have had so far (screw dailies).

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