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Gurzen 6/25 11:10pm
i mean i kinda agree you shouldnt be able to play in rts mode but its definitely gonna take some getting used to
Robert Redford 6/25 9:02pm
Gonna take a while to get used to this.
Gurzen 6/25 8:16pm
They reduced the max camera distance on beta.. This is fucking horrible.
Gurzen 6/25 8:10pm
usa better than brazil on soccer. This might be the end of times.
Marozzi 6/25 7:22pm
rank 2 duelist inc
Marozzi 6/25 5:54pm
The people making this shit movie are just trolling at this point.
Gurzen 6/23 9:30pm
p.s. hows the anal leakage @glowyrm
Robert Redford 6/23 2:15pm
i think most people are in hibernation mode cause today marks exactly 1 year since 6.2
Robert Redford 6/23 2:15pm
Hastera 6/23 9:54am
9 months with no front page update? Is that a new record? What's going on with you guys!
G l o w y r m 6/23 9:16am ... 6acd35.png VA-11 Hall-A just became a fucking metal gear spin off
Dance 6/22 8:27pm
I laughed way too hard at that YouTube dance
Nicolaa 6/22 9:25am
Doesn't play survival anymore. Need to respeck.
moruff 6/20 6:57pm
LeBron has a huge bulge I wish I could play against him so it can smack my face
Hastera 6/20 9:55am
who let Lebron win kill me now!
Akina 6/20 3:06am
Gurzen 6/19 10:14pm
Yo Gurzen
Marozzi 6/19 9:40pm
Somebody let me get on mumble!
moruff 6/19 7:01pm

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In preparation for Archimonde, I was asked if I knew anyone that could help us. For a moment I was lost, but I knew a strong and independent woman that needed no man and I raced to snapchat to cash in a favor. RuPaul accepted my request and with her guidance taught us strength, grace, and how to sissy our walk back from wipes. After nights of brutal low percent wipes on Archimonde, Ru looked down at us and said “Bitch, you need to get stronger!”. So we did as any collective group of white boys would when yelled at by a beautiful goddess and sheepishly obeyed without question.

Simply put, this tier was amazing. We continued our momentum from Gorefiend and mowed down every single boss up through Mannoroth, where our wills and spirits were put into question. For a second we doubted ourselves, but ended up believing in the us that believes in Pie Chart and downed the penultimate boss of this tier. We rode the hype train for Archimonde and roflstomped phases 1 & 2, but were thoroughly tested in phase 3. Personally, never has a boss demanded such a high level of constant focus for the entire 10 minutes of the encounter. We are exhausted, but we are also victorious.

I'd also like to thank all those that we didn't have room for on the kill. You all contributed heavily to our progression and made this kill possible. A huge shoutout to Di, Thørazine, Valorknight, Dravi, Glucklich, Albimoo, Patty, Ridonc, Shakyra, and Basson.

And of course, a pie chart of Pie Chart through the second half of this tier.


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