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The people making this shit movie are just trolling at this point.
Gurzen 6/23 9:30pm
p.s. hows the anal leakage @glowyrm
Robert Redford 6/23 2:15pm
i think most people are in hibernation mode cause today marks exactly 1 year since 6.2
Robert Redford 6/23 2:15pm
Hastera 6/23 9:54am
9 months with no front page update? Is that a new record? What's going on with you guys!
G l o w y r m 6/23 9:16am ... 6acd35.png VA-11 Hall-A just became a fucking metal gear spin off
Dance 6/22 8:27pm
I laughed way too hard at that YouTube dance
Nicolaa 6/22 9:25am
Doesn't play survival anymore. Need to respeck.
moruff 6/20 6:57pm
LeBron has a huge bulge I wish I could play against him so it can smack my face
Hastera 6/20 9:55am
who let Lebron win kill me now!
Akina 6/20 3:06am
Gurzen 6/19 10:14pm
Yo Gurzen
Marozzi 6/19 9:40pm
Somebody let me get on mumble!
moruff 6/19 7:01pm
Lol, they're changing brain freeze and orb back to the way it was before thy fucked it up and they're adding a new spell to bran frewze. Gg Blizz
Harpo 6/19 3:30pm
I feel like hitting somebody in the nuts.
Gurzen 6/17 5:58pm
At least nobody's nuts got hit
moruff 6/17 9:52am
These refs tho
Gurzen 6/16 10:40pm
@nico FF14 bluescreened me, what is this fucking karma
Dance 6/16 8:46pm
Which is hard to imagine due to my own gravitation pull
Hastera 6/16 9:10am
Dude I'm falling off the world
Hastera 6/16 9:10am

View the latest post Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall

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Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall~~~!!!!


The Great Lady Cyrus from the Hills of Beverly wrote:
All I wanted was to break your walls
All you ever did was wreck me
Yeah, you, you wreck me

We hit the first brick wall of Hellfire Citadel and were forced to consult outside the guild for some guidance. Thanks to the efforts of Miley-chan, we successfully broke through and even had enough time in the night to mop up Socrethar as well.

Overall, a strong start that we can be proud of. With the second half of the instance to go, we must continue our stride and be the drill that will pierce the heavens of Draenor. The last bosses will be the true test of the tier and now is the time to prepare for the upcoming battle.

And of course, a pie chart of Pie Chart.


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