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Vintage Dave move. Taking out the power of Blizz Central when they announce a raid test on Friday. Guy has a lot of brass.
cabana 7/25 1:33am
wtf lol
Marozzi 7/25 1:28am
"Earlier tonight there was a substation explosion near Blizzard, HQ. Irvine and Blizzard HQ are now entirely out of power" So... does that mean no raid testing tomorrow?
Malachi 7/25 12:54am
there is ilvl 600 brewfest shit, which is in sept... but that doesnt mean anything.
Marozzi 7/24 10:49pm
Unreliable sources on mmo are saying the exapansion will be released on november 18th :P
Glucklich 7/24 9:55pm
They updated all holiday items. It may or may not mean anything.
Vudani 7/24 9:36pm
Game won't be out by halloween though..
Glucklich 7/24 9:29pm
Halloween items ilvl 600 level 100
Vudani 7/24 9:26pm
Vudani 7/24 5:24pm
Making some barbecue right now, who wants some
Marozzi 7/24 5:13pm
Level Cap will be 100 on all realms. + Nagrand, spires of arak, ALSO Character wipe all beta characters are being wiped... So get ready to create new ones!
Glucklich 7/24 5:09pm
on friday, this will go great
cabana 7/24 3:18pm
more beta raid testing 7/25
shaky 7/24 3:14pm
kotr that's so catchy
shaky 7/24 12:35am
Fuck Dan
Icyy 7/23 6:38pm Just noticed I posted the wrong thing. This is what I meant!
Brutus 7/23 6:28pm
@Moruff my husband.
Brutus 7/23 3:01pm
Cabana, they have no clue what they want.
Typheous 7/23 1:24pm
@moruff Cristiano ronaldo
Meecs 7/23 1:14pm
Didn't Blizz just say they wanted to limit casting while moving ie. get rid of ele and lock mobility then they give hunters that?
cabana 7/23 12:16pm
Who's that retarded white guy?
moruff 7/23 9:03am
rip kotr
Veredra 7/22 10:43pm

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Another Solid Finish!


We managed to get the big pre nerf Lei Shen kill this tier which is quite the accomplishment. The end of this tier was rough with composition challenges but once again Pie Chart prevailed, achieving a US 10th rank and killing Lei Shen with what was very likely the least stacked comp ever known to man. Our teamwork was what allowed us to get this kill in the fashion we did. Good job to everyone who contributed to some of the convoluted strategies which allowed us to get the kill. Just to give reference… Tripple priest grip bro fives for helm on an immunity platform and mistweaver+shaman immunity combo lols. The things 2 portals have you do.

Extra thanks to those of you who were not in on the kill but in every case helped on more than one occasion during progression. Your contribution is the only reason we can function and I can speak on behalf of everyone by saying thank you for your dedication.

Good job all you pedestrians. Let’s keep on rolling.

(pie chart soon™, if anyone has screenshots post here and they will get updated. I kind of split decision wiped my last HDD)

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