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do it
Marozzi 1/27 12:42pm
I want to come back to WoW, play as a male blood elf, and take selfies
Ashen 1/27 12:39pm
is that your cat Vudani?
Icyy 1/27 12:36am
Meecs 1/26 10:49pm
PTR is very tough
Glucklich 1/25 5:37pm
Pie Chart PTR
Meecs 1/25 5:25pm
what's the guild called on the ptr
Noriala 1/25 3:43pm
oh my fuck! my computer turned off while download the ptr.....FFs
Akina 1/25 12:21pm
That's a lot of people masturbating there Bayson!
jubz 1/25 4:22am
It's like BC launch all over again.
Schrei 1/24 9:51pm
Gonna get my 10 year Orc-Wolf statue, hue
Veredra 1/24 5:16am
"You are not authorised to read this forum." ;_;
Schrei 1/23 7:51pm
Vudani 1/23 7:17pm
sounds like its time to dl the ptr
Vudani 1/23 6:57pm
Organized guilds should keep an eye on the PTR forums next week for a couple of more targeted tests of specific bosses on higher difficulties.
Glucklich 1/23 6:54pm
We've opened up the Blackrock Foundry raid on the 6.1 PTR for the weekend. The first boss(es) of each wing are accessible (Oregorger and Gruul in the Slagworks; Hans'gar and Franzok in the Black Forge; and Beastlord Darmac in the Iron Assembly), on Normal difficulty only.
Glucklich 1/23 6:52pm
Those are a native species of festivals, Kotr. They are beautiful animals.
Brutus 1/23 6:09pm
YES! I love that Burst of skills nerf
jubz 1/23 2:51pm

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A Strong Finish to a Good Tier.

Once again we pulled together for an incredible push to snatch the US 10th kill on Garrosh. We went in knowing exactly what we were going to do and that effort propelled to a kill we can all be proud of with one of the fewest pulls I have seen on the boss. After the right hook Paragons threw us we really bound together to prove ourselves and succeeded. Our community is what sets us apart from the rest of the pack and it is refreshing to be reaffirmed of our determination.

I am excited at the prospects of continuing the charge with Pie Chart into WoD. Many of our players have grown immensely since the start of the expansion and our newer members are looking just as promising.

Thanks for the best raiding expansion I have had so far (screw dailies).

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