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Can solidworks do easy model manipulation? Such as taking a tree branch for example with leaves and such, then being able to change the geometry of each leaf face that's been scanned in?
Bayson 4/25 8:18pm
rip goblinrozzi
Marozzi 4/25 7:55pm
Solidworks is better
jubz 4/25 7:06pm
Anyone with experience in 3D modeling? I'm looking to edit 3D .stl mesh files and currently playing around with Maya/3DS Max and Zbrush.
Bayson 4/25 6:55pm the good ol days when marozzi was a non-rat race
Robert Redford 4/25 6:03pm
thats not true
Vudani 4/24 3:30pm
from what i am reading the consensus is the guy who does the camera is indeed a shitlord
Hodorchan 4/24 2:44pm
Hodorchan 4/24 2:41pm
Vudani 4/24 12:36pm
Vudani 4/24 12:36pm
It's probably Alex Jaske, I heard he was a faggot
Ados 4/24 11:22am
As if I would fucking play league of legends
Ados 4/24 11:22am
i don't get it
Ados 4/24 11:21am
Gosh darnit Alex j!
Vudani 4/24 11:03am
wats rude? I don't know what happened
Ados 4/24 10:49am
Wait, is that you?
Vudani 4/24 10:10am
Ados, that is fucking rude
Vudani 4/24 10:08am
mooooda my beta senpai :(
Marozzi 4/23 7:07pm
Shameless promotion
Icyy 4/23 2:19pm
so strong
Gordonbombay 4/23 12:40pm
The alt raid got a 95% execution ranking on blackhand
Gordonbombay 4/23 11:29am
Never saw an app from you...
moruff 4/23 8:10am

View the latest post The Ogres are Dead


The first raid of Warlords has been checked off the list and now we move forward with preparations for Blackhand and his minions. After over a year of one Orc, these Ogres served well to kick us off in this first half of the tier. Highmaul as a raid was a very different experience than previous expansions and we overcome many new challenges despite the holiday season. I have confidence we will keep the momentum gained slaying the elusive Cho'gall and have all the cogs turning and ready for Blackrock!

With the knowledge we have gained about ourselves as a guild and the nature of Mythic raiding we have all the tools to really kick it off strong in February.

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