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blood legion = tyrannosaurus rekt
Robert Redford 3/3 1:20pm
Kanjar 3/3 11:05am
Why would she name her son gym? It's usually spelled Jim #oxfordcommas
moruff 3/3 8:56am
shaky 3/2 11:56pm
she broke up with me on valentines day because "i really like you but with my son, gym and work we hardly get to see each other and you deserve better" i mean it's true but on valentines day?
Icyy 3/2 11:24pm
dont you have a gf
Robert Redford 3/2 11:13pm
Go on tinder yesterday same old, log on today i have limited swipes and you have to pay 10 bucks if you want more. Real?
Icyy 3/2 10:56pm
Fish on lowest sale at the trading post guys
Talents 3/2 6:05pm
Wow CREED inc
Marozzi 3/2 5:28pm
forgot that its monday oops
Kotr 3/2 3:11pm
kotr notice me rank 1 senpai world
Marozzi 3/2 2:59pm
The smile is real but the eyes say "I hate my life"
Oromiselda17 3/2 2:58pm mfw reading the shoutbox
Kotr 3/2 2:05pm
Congrats on Thogar. Now the fun really starts
Ashen 3/2 11:40am
poor kotr
shaky 3/2 11:19am
Go home kotr ur drunk
Talents 3/2 10:24am
will be late tonight seeing as im sitting for maidens anyway should be on around 9
Kotr 3/2 10:13am
Yeah seen that one it's dumb. The original is pretty legit.
Oromiselda17 3/1 1:06pm
Yo Vudanzi, check yo phone
Ashen 2/28 9:41pm
Interesting article that fills in the "blah blah" parts of what Schrei said --> ... lor-dress/
G l o w y r m 2/28 11:52am
Blah blah optical illusion due to poor lighting blah blah.
Schrei 2/27 8:45pm

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A Strong Finish to a Good Tier.

Once again we pulled together for an incredible push to snatch the US 10th kill on Garrosh. We went in knowing exactly what we were going to do and that effort propelled to a kill we can all be proud of with one of the fewest pulls I have seen on the boss. After the right hook Paragons threw us we really bound together to prove ourselves and succeeded. Our community is what sets us apart from the rest of the pack and it is refreshing to be reaffirmed of our determination.

I am excited at the prospects of continuing the charge with Pie Chart into WoD. Many of our players have grown immensely since the start of the expansion and our newer members are looking just as promising.

Thanks for the best raiding expansion I have had so far (screw dailies).

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