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cabana 7/29 1:26am
Marozzi 7/29 1:16am
Bosch 7/29 12:19am
i forgot to start logging last week loggerhead has made me too complacent
Icyy 7/28 10:09pm
anyone have logs from Gruuls last week?
Meecs 7/28 10:08pm
Idk wowhead maybe, but anyone who has a JC can you please copy a character to the leveling pvp realm for me
Akina 7/28 6:18pm
do any sites have updated journals?
Vudani 7/28 6:09pm
Twin Ogron - Heroic Highmaul
Akina 7/28 5:21pm
whats next boss?
Vudani 7/28 5:14pm
holy god so hyped kotr
Akina 7/28 5:11pm
Thanks for recording that boss, Latino.
Brutus 7/28 4:41pm
Good job on that test, boss looked interesting.
Vudani 7/28 3:05pm
but he said good looking and decent...
Meecs 7/28 3:03pm
Who's streaming the first beta that's a. good looking or has no camera and b. decent?
cabana 7/28 12:26pm
cabana 7/28 12:25pm
As always, I won't be able to make the first testing today because I am at work. i will make the night one though :)
jubz 7/28 10:50am
Brutus 7/28 6:14am
Beat me to it shaky!
Glucklich 7/28 12:45am
don't forget if you can make the raid testing do ettt (1:30, 7:00)
shaky 7/28 12:10am
Kanjar 7/27 1:24pm

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Another Solid Finish!


We managed to get the big pre nerf Lei Shen kill this tier which is quite the accomplishment. The end of this tier was rough with composition challenges but once again Pie Chart prevailed, achieving a US 10th rank and killing Lei Shen with what was very likely the least stacked comp ever known to man. Our teamwork was what allowed us to get this kill in the fashion we did. Good job to everyone who contributed to some of the convoluted strategies which allowed us to get the kill. Just to give reference… Tripple priest grip bro fives for helm on an immunity platform and mistweaver+shaman immunity combo lols. The things 2 portals have you do.

Extra thanks to those of you who were not in on the kill but in every case helped on more than one occasion during progression. Your contribution is the only reason we can function and I can speak on behalf of everyone by saying thank you for your dedication.

Good job all you pedestrians. Let’s keep on rolling.

(pie chart soon™, if anyone has screenshots post here and they will get updated. I kind of split decision wiped my last HDD)

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