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looks like only OC's quest reset
Meecs 6/29 7:26pm
I'm going to put together a normal arch run at 9:00, expect to pull trash by 9:15
Telethar 6/29 5:06pm
mine didn't either
Akina 6/29 1:27pm
mine didnt?
Kanjar 6/29 12:55pm
@Suplift: PSA: the timewalking coin quest just reset! You can get 4 coins this week also!
Meecs 6/29 12:41pm
Who is Meryn Trant I only know Meryn fucking Trant
Hastera 6/29 9:03am
Snape kills Jon Snow. And Stannis. And Shireen. And Meryn Trant.
Schrei 6/29 1:18am
Have to kill mythic bosses to get mythic loot. The fact that we're getting heroic boxes with only 6 kills either means the count is low and should be relatively easy to get for the second round or they did give us some benifit for last tier
Talents 6/26 10:24am
Ados 6/26 7:41am
"10/10 Mythic 6 H HFC kills Instant Heroic Cache after upgrading to 2"
Ados 6/26 7:41am
Drag me down
Talents 6/25 8:15pm
Why would I care if they nerf bladestorm lol
Hastera 6/25 3:56pm
buff rogues kty
Marozzi 6/25 3:26pm
We'll see how you feel when they nerf lawlstorm in the numbers tuning over the weekend
Talents 6/25 1:26pm
Why is HFC actually fun someone help
Hastera 6/25 12:24pm
Di, aren't there any korean pc cafe's near your house
Phíl 6/25 9:43am
Install wow on your work computer and raid on that for Thursday, gogo
Telethar 6/24 4:26pm
just purchase a new MB and processor from tigerdirect. will be here friday.
dishi 6/24 2:38pm Di is currently taking his computer over to Geek Squad to find the issue
Phíl 6/24 9:33am
My favorite contribution to mistweaver discussion "Okay so how the fuck do you heal 30 players". YA'LL NEGROS NEED TO RECOGNIZE OUR STRENGTH
Ados 6/24 4:58am
Don't. If it's not power supply, they're just going to tell you what you just told us.
Schrei 6/23 7:55pm
take it to the geek squad
Kanjar 6/23 6:45pm
i cant fix this. this blows
dishi 6/23 6:31pm
got home pc wont turn on. went out buy a new power supply still wont turn on. look like its motherboard. i dont know. fuck
dishi 6/23 2:53pm

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The first raid of Warlords has been checked off the list and now we move forward with preparations for Blackhand and his minions. After over a year of one Orc, these Ogres served well to kick us off in this first half of the tier. Highmaul as a raid was a very different experience than previous expansions and we overcome many new challenges despite the holiday season. I have confidence we will keep the momentum gained slaying the elusive Cho'gall and have all the cogs turning and ready for Blackrock!

With the knowledge we have gained about ourselves as a guild and the nature of Mythic raiding we have all the tools to really kick it off strong in February.

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