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Marozzi 7/24 8:52am
I dont get
Marozzi 7/24 8:52am
Bayson 7/20 5:39pm
cant wait for wod timewalking
Robert Redford 7/20 1:09am
Patch day hype
Talents 7/19 12:36pm
is that affliction?
moruff 7/19 11:44am
thats amazing gurzen rofl
Marozzi 7/19 6:17am
Gurzen 7/19 1:09am
had my first pokemon go related surgery today nintendo keeping me employed gj
Patrick 7/18 9:10pm
Gurzen 7/18 9:04pm
hey gurzen you should install this addon LUL
Robert Redford 7/18 8:53pm
Glad Blizzard took all of these interface options out. ... aceoptions
Gurzen 7/18 4:54pm
Marozzi 7/18 1:23am
Thorazine 7/17 8:46pm
He's clUtah though
Thorazine 7/17 8:46pm
So tired of watch hbox play lol BAir is a good move..
Thorazine 7/17 8:36pm
hbox... ResidentSleeper
Phíl 7/17 8:18pm
that shit has to be on the game designers side, just make the range of those pokemon big enough that you can hit them from the street
Arcenciel 7/17 7:22pm
to be fair Id wager nobody will be talking about pokemon go in 2 weeks and its prob annoying having random retard trespass
Kanjar 7/17 6:56pm
"I am a grumpy old person with literally no personality, technology and trends that are not my own scare me." What a fgt
Dance 7/17 4:39pm

View the latest post 10/10 Heroic HFC Cleared. VALUE!

10/10 Heroic HFC Cleared. VALUE!

edit: apparently 13/13*************


This week was jam packed and quickly over. Doing 2 split runs up through Shadowlord Iskar and combining groups to race our 12 hour raid week was stressful, but extremely fun. We accomplished what we set out to do for our first week back in progression and even managed a US 7th kill of Heroic Archimonde!


Archimonde was a surprisingly good fight, gotta actually give credit to blizzard for once. Every phase has a ton going on, then at the very end throwing a tight dps and hps check on top of all the other shit led to a fun and interesting fight. All it took was having every rez going into the final phase, so we could all mock Moruff for not believing in our sugoi-ness. Definitely looking forward to the Mythic version.

Tier is looking good and hopefully the fun continues as we move into mythic Tuesday.

And of course, a Pie chart of Pie Chart.


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