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Damnit, i forgot about my cereal and it got soggy.
Albimoo 9/24 12:46pm
Damnit, should've stayed mage
Talents 9/24 12:19pm
Damnit, should've went demonology
moruff 9/24 7:58am
hodor i have a plan
Marozzi 9/22 8:37am
This should make you happy, Kanjar.
Gurzen 9/19 3:33am
10% spriest buff in 7.1? did I read that right?
Malachi 9/16 3:55pm
moruff 9/16 7:48am
LOL rip Gurzen
Akina 9/16 4:44am
What's the new name gurzen
Icyy 9/15 9:34pm
this seems pretty neat, trying it out today
Arsina 9/15 8:19pm
Gurzen 9/15 5:20pm
Nerfing* stupid auto correct
Icyy 9/15 11:54am
Dance they are needing Fel Barrage LUL
Icyy 9/15 11:54am
maybe, apparently it was his second legendary so not sure
Pockets 9/15 11:33am
Pagulayan 9/15 9:46am
but it says garrison there gurzen
Marozzi 9/15 8:20am
GMM updated. You'll want it if you're as lazy as I am. ... on-manager
Gurzen 9/15 3:26am
nerf happened pre launch
Icyy 9/14 6:12pm

View the latest post 10/10 Heroic HFC Cleared. VALUE!

10/10 Heroic HFC Cleared. VALUE!

edit: apparently 13/13*************


This week was jam packed and quickly over. Doing 2 split runs up through Shadowlord Iskar and combining groups to race our 12 hour raid week was stressful, but extremely fun. We accomplished what we set out to do for our first week back in progression and even managed a US 7th kill of Heroic Archimonde!


Archimonde was a surprisingly good fight, gotta actually give credit to blizzard for once. Every phase has a ton going on, then at the very end throwing a tight dps and hps check on top of all the other shit led to a fun and interesting fight. All it took was having every rez going into the final phase, so we could all mock Moruff for not believing in our sugoi-ness. Definitely looking forward to the Mythic version.

Tier is looking good and hopefully the fun continues as we move into mythic Tuesday.

And of course, a Pie chart of Pie Chart.


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