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My computer is going crazy stuck at Windows loading screen.
Bayson 12/17 7:28pm Spin the Blizzard wheel
Brutus 12/17 4:34pm
Icyy 12/17 2:24pm
I didn't have it glyphed last night
Typheous 12/17 1:49pm
shaky 12/17 12:51pm
it has never worked for us.
Vudani 12/17 12:16pm
What's to figure out
Typheous 12/17 12:13pm
can someone figure out how mocking banner works on glad war???
Vudani 12/17 11:14am
Icyy 12/17 1:03am
wrecked nerd
Kotr 12/16 5:04pm
Service provider cut my net despite paying the bill, thats why I dcd early.
Thorazine 12/16 12:45pm
Good job on Tectus! Keep the pace buddies!
Timor 12/16 5:28am
blizz changed the file format, so WMV doesnt work anymore. still have to figure out a way to get the models
ekyo 12/15 4:50pm
plz update the banner i have not been an ugly troll since WoD
Noriala 12/15 3:40pm
need moar cleave
Vudani 12/15 11:38am
I uploaded logs from last night's raid. Looks to be everything
Nicolaa 12/15 10:36am
WCL client crashed last night after 3 attempts for some reason. The kill literally broke the client.
cabana 12/15 10:01am
wtb logs for brackenspore kill
Kotr 12/15 5:24am
Veredra 12/15 4:32am
Jrak 12/14 4:51pm

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6/8 Heroic Dragon Soul

H: Zon'ozz

H: Yorsahj

H: Hagara
(Yup, we improvised on this one. Credit goes to Schrei)

H: Warmaster
To explain this in a word; ..well I can't actually. For a not-so-drunk view of our Warmaster Funship tomfoolery, see [...]

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Congratulations to Piks on Winning the Raffle!


I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the raffle and made it a success! As of now, the contest is finished but we do hope to have another one in the near future! Stay tuned!

And finally, I' [...]

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Buy A Ticket, Win A Pureblood Fire Hawk, Become a Firelord!

In anticipation of the next patch coming out, Pie Chart has decided to host a little event. We will be selling lottery tickets to anyone and everyone that decides to enter. What does this mea [...]

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View the latest post Heroic Ragnaros DOWN

1, 2

Heroic Ragnaros SMASHED


Yes he's dead. Yes, this post will be updated later today with much more.

I'd just like to take this moment to congratulate everyone on the kill, both in and outside of the raid. I'd like to especially thank Veredra [...]

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Pie Chart is Looking For More!

1x Feral Druid (DPS and Tank) / Death Knight (DPS and Tank) / Warrior (DPS and Protection) / Paladin (DPS and Tank)
(This is for a DPS and Offtank role. You must be competent for b [...]

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