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Yeah seen that one it's dumb. The original is pretty legit.
Oromiselda17 3/1 1:06pm
Yo Vudanzi, check yo phone
Ashen 2/28 9:41pm
Interesting article that fills in the "blah blah" parts of what Schrei said --> ... lor-dress/
G l o w y r m 2/28 11:52am
Blah blah optical illusion due to poor lighting blah blah.
Schrei 2/27 8:45pm
black and blue apparently
Jrak 2/27 7:10pm
Icyy 2/27 6:36pm
Robert Redford 2/27 1:39pm
Veredra 2/27 7:18am
Teletha didn't. It's all good!
Timor 2/26 12:52pm
I'd probably get shot in BR land
jubz 2/26 12:17pm
leaving work soon be a little late
Thorazine 2/25 7:33pm
Marozzi 2/25 6:44pm
@jubz go to Brazil visit Marozzi hue (don't come, he's boring too)
Timor 2/25 4:47pm
let's go to Hawaii jubz mid progression. yolo
Icyy 2/25 2:46pm
eat a dick bronoxia, I'm beautiful
Robert Redford 2/25 1:24pm
@hyper oh my god kill it
Inoxia 2/25 1:12pm
my first world problem of the day: I really want to take a vacation, but my friends are all boring / dont have money :(
jubz 2/25 10:21am
Thanks inoxia, i'll check it out
Ashen 2/24 8:45pm
Hitting some traffic should still be home for 730 but maybe 10-15 late
Talents 2/24 6:44pm
Get them 675 though. I had a 97% success rate before I upgraded them to 675 and then it was 100%
Glucklich 2/24 6:17pm
Marozzi 2/24 5:08pm
whats the ilvl req for the followers for this again?
jubz 2/24 4:47pm

View the latest post Heroic: Spine of Deathwing Down!

Backs Were Broken.


Classic Pie Chart fashion: Last attempt of the night, last attempt of the lockout.
(Second to last attempt of the night: wipe to first plate because we're apparently awful at Tendon DPS. Oh wait)

I don't know where to [...]

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View the latest post We're Now 6/8 H Dragon Soul!

6/8 Heroic Dragon Soul

H: Zon'ozz

H: Yorsahj

H: Hagara
(Yup, we improvised on this one. Credit goes to Schrei)

H: Warmaster
To explain this in a word; ..well I can't actually. For a not-so-drunk view of our Warmaster Funship tomfoolery, see [...]

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View the latest post Pure Fireblood Hawk Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Piks on Winning the Raffle!


I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the raffle and made it a success! As of now, the contest is finished but we do hope to have another one in the near future! Stay tuned!

And finally, I' [...]

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View the latest post Pureblood Fire Hawk Contest!


Buy A Ticket, Win A Pureblood Fire Hawk, Become a Firelord!

In anticipation of the next patch coming out, Pie Chart has decided to host a little event. We will be selling lottery tickets to anyone and everyone that decides to enter. What does this mea [...]

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View the latest post Heroic Ragnaros DOWN

1, 2

Heroic Ragnaros SMASHED


Yes he's dead. Yes, this post will be updated later today with much more.

I'd just like to take this moment to congratulate everyone on the kill, both in and outside of the raid. I'd like to especially thank Veredra [...]

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