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Always on point blizz. And really well done keeping up with your game because it totally hasn't been happening since the expansion dropped. Suppose it is easier to put the blame on the people playing your game.
Albimoo 2/24 9:12am
Ah yes the typical blizzard "How could we see this coming despite the fact that every time we don't cap something it gets ran into the ground but this time it will be different rite?"
Albimoo 2/24 9:11am
alt run friday, dun forget
Gurzen 2/24 2:25am
ion hazzikostas looks high af
celinedionxx 2/24 1:43am
another typical "hey guys, we fucked up, but its your fault."
Arcenciel 2/23 7:19pm
they balanced arround casuals, so that there are lots of different ways to obtain ap. and its fun and engaging. They shouldve put a cap on it to gate hardcorer people, or at least express that they knew what they were doing.
Arcenciel 2/23 7:18pm
Kanjar 2/23 6:49pm
Think my account has been compromised but I am at work so I can't tell for sure. FeelsGoodMan
Sweetleaf164 2/18 4:38pm
Gurzen 2/17 11:32pm
#karma #notblessed #mozscum
Gurzen 2/17 7:55pm
dishi 2/15 5:55pm
SNF and Midwinter are just combining, or at least some of there players are
Moodha 2/14 9:44pm
I see Midwinter is still copying Pie Chart strats. ... 1655250945
Schrei 2/14 6:21pm
where do you see snf?
Telethar 2/14 5:11pm
SNF, From Scratch, and Midwinter RIP
Dance 2/14 11:19am
I'm really bad at that game :^)
Mcwhiskers 2/13 7:15pm
Need 2 more for For Honor tonight :)
Rhilis 2/13 7:11pm

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