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Potentially late tonight, if I am, it'll only like 20-30 minutes max.
Harpo 10/4 11:52am
Akina 10/4 11:39am
I bought the final fantasy expansion to get gay married with Nico. GET READY FOR THE HYPE STREAM.
Ados 10/3 6:23pm
you must be glad that blizz pruned half of those unbound abilities
Robert Redford 10/3 3:12pm
I role play that this is still vanilla that is why Phil
Hodorchan 10/2 8:12pm
hodor why
Phíl 10/2 12:38pm That was the mighty ducks in esports form
Dance 10/2 11:36am
Dance 10/2 11:33am
That's actually awful
Hastera 10/2 11:10am
look at the dmg doe
Kanjar 10/2 9:29am
omg plz no where did you find that .__.
Hodorchan 10/2 3:28am
How embarassing
Ados 10/2 3:11am
Holy shit you guys accepted this guy?
Ados 10/2 3:11am
Hello from the grave of inactivity. Hope the guild is doing well miss you all.
nighthorror 10/1 12:13pm
shaky 10/1 9:30am
its a chipmunk not a badger
shaky 10/1 9:30am
he is playing, lets go micro
Marozzi 9/30 7:22pm
I'll play if Nico goes dog race again. Every black woman needs her pitbull.
Ados 9/30 7:22pm
teletha what are u playing on wildstar?
Marozzi 9/30 6:06pm
im lagging
Marozzi 9/30 5:43pm
remember sales run+ blackhand tonight dont be homos especially if you already got a mount
Robert Redford 9/30 4:55pm
uh the pve one
Hodorchan 9/30 3:46pm
What server are we on?
Telethar 9/30 3:42pm
My Gamesconn 778 just snapped at the end of the bridge, any recommendations before I just buy a new one?
Phíl 9/30 12:21pm

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