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get a day off of school obv
jubz 5/4 9:00am
Uh.. what was the kid trying to do...?
Schrei 5/4 2:37am
I was really confused why I heard myself, then realized that was beta. Schrizzle. lol. Also, I think the BL stream was up. That's what you're hearing.
Schrei 5/3 10:53pm
why do i hear diggz, affinity and rignaross in the video
Icyy 5/3 9:14pm
marozzi has jokes
Icyy 5/3 9:10pm
Marozzi 5/3 6:07pm
im the best rogue, so im the best choice
Marozzi 5/3 6:07pm
give me one =[
Icyy 5/3 5:46pm
mail one to me for old time sake
Jrak 5/3 5:43pm
fat bitches are the best bitches
Robert Redford 5/3 5:18pm
Clearly blizzard sucks at sending packages. I now have 3 of the anniversary statues.
Veredra 5/3 5:13pm
so hyper, i heard you like the chubby ones
Marozzi 5/3 12:50pm
May def too good. Both threw same amount of hits but may landed double the hits.
Talents 5/3 10:44am
Ados 5/3 12:51am
spoiler alert
Kanjar 5/3 12:35am
Bullshit fight. Pac shoulda won
Nicolaa 5/3 12:16am
Bayson 5/2 10:52pm
auto turns it on once you zone into the instance
Icyy 5/2 6:07pm
i dont get why everyone just doesnt use logger head
Icyy 5/2 6:07pm
sigh...brb suicide
Robert Redford 5/2 8:13am
Can someone please upload the log? I thought my exorus raid tools would do it, but it didn't. I only have anything from Thursday.
Bayson 5/2 4:22am
Hodorchan 5/2 1:49am
wtb that blast furnace log
Robert Redford 5/1 12:41pm

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