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pankey 3/6 9:25pm
holla Lft#11245 waiting for the Pie Chart reband yo - Tanjun PLZ BOIS
Tanjun 2/24 2:04am
If any of you want to join the Pie Chart retirement home raid, we're 6-9pm PST Thurs/Sat and we have Ados. It's great. =P ALSO HI I MISS YOU GUYS.
Schrei 12/24 5:45pm
anyone coming back for classic?
nighthorror 11/17 12:45pm
classic wow servers wut wut
latinoheat 11/3 5:18pm
Schrei 10/27 4:25pm
hope everyones doing well, thanks for the memories :)
RitzBitz 7/19 4:43pm
we use discord now
Telethar 4/14 9:27pm
So do you guys still use mumble?
Klean 4/14 12:14am
woah its pie day
Nicolaa 3/14 1:03pm
I'm so hyped, need a key still!
Rhilis 3/13 1:29pm
it's gonna be lit
Mordraiv 3/13 12:54pm
Going to try to do wc3 games tonight. Post in the thread if you want to play but need a key. I'm sure we can find keys that can be borrowed
Telethar 3/13 11:16am
Don't forget about daylight savings ya'll
moruff 3/12 9:42am
Cause it's filled with so much trash (Mobs)
Rhilis 3/9 10:45pm
I think my hard drive just died...
Mordraiv 3/9 10:12pm No Facebook, I don't.
Telethar 3/8 1:51pm
Rip Ana on the PTR
Harpo 3/7 12:31am

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Grand Crusader!

I honestly don't have too much to say. We should have gotten it a lot sooner (and we had SEVERAL close calls over the course of October and November, with as much as a 3% wipe on Anub'arak one week with 50 attempts), but I& [...]

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Pie Chart has earned the achievement [A Tribute to Mad Fail]!

We did earn a Tribute to Skill, with 43 attempts. Boo at not having 45, but there's always next week!

After six weeks of dealing with bullshit disconnects, roster issues, losing [...]

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Home Alone In the Darkness...


Of all our kills in Ulduar, it is fitting that our last was our most epic. This fight is actually pretty amazing and easily the hardest in Ulduar. I am continuously at awe when considering how difficult it must have [...]

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He Actually Did Destroy Our Raid

Necrojester is pro.

And... We Got A Legendary Too!

Congratulations Holyhawtness!

Algalon: All in all, a fun fight. It's not the raid destroyer that Blizzard touted it would be, though our 4% wipe the week prio [...]

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Lunatic Gaze incoming! Turn around!
Ados has gone insane.
Musai has gone insane.
Okay, kill them...

After an 8% wipe last week, we came in and finished this off last night with a less than optimal raid setup and 24 people. Really [...]

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