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its lit
Robert Redford 1/18 1:17am
Gurzen that commercial seems like a Veridian Dynamics commercial.
Telethar 1/15 3:09am ... imits.aspx Thank you for ruin my friday Telethar
dishi 1/13 11:32am
80% is a much better number to look at. You're still beating them, but...
Telethar 1/12 5:42pm
ayeee atleast Im still beating hunters!
Mcwhiskers 1/12 5:31pm
You should be ashamed of yourself
Hastera 1/12 5:17pm
Hopefully no one misinterprets that and thinks that my spec isn't dogshit
Telethar 1/12 5:00pm
Telethar 1/12 4:59pm
Arcenciel 1/12 12:22pm better level up your fishing
Robert Redford 1/12 3:39am
Hmm, sounds like this can be abused.
Harpo 1/11 6:50pm
Splitting Ice will now cause Ice Lance to damage a secondary target even if the target is more than 40 yards away from the Mage.
Harpo 1/11 6:50pm
Robert Redford 1/11 3:56pm did either of you die instantly coming out of block after soaking
Patrick 1/11 2:05pm

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Pie Chart has earned the achievement [A Tribute to Mad Fail]!

We did earn a Tribute to Skill, with 43 attempts. Boo at not having 45, but there's always next week!

After six weeks of dealing with bullshit disconnects, roster issues, losing [...]

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Home Alone In the Darkness...


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Necrojester is pro.

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Lunatic Gaze incoming! Turn around!
Ados has gone insane.
Musai has gone insane.
Okay, kill them...

After an 8% wipe last week, we came in and finished this off last night with a less than optimal raid setup and 24 people. Really [...]

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Knock, Knock, Knockin on Algalon's Door

Hezlo has died.

Lots of deaths. Lots of wipes. But we got it before Blizzard gutted the encounter, and so overall, a fantastic job by everyone. As always, I'd like to thank those who couldn't make it [...]

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