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Dance 8/4 11:59pm
Hastera 8/4 5:53pm
did you nerds kill it yet
Typheous 8/4 5:13pm
if hara is already (he is the one with the lockout) and more people are interested, i will try to put something togheter. same time as last week, around 8-8:30
Marozzi 8/4 3:39pm
Are there plans to get an archimonde lockout before raid?
Pikmin III 8/4 2:09pm
omg its the grill smush
Marozzi 8/4 12:44am
┏(-_-)┓┏(-_-)┛┗(-_- )┓ DUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDU┗(-_-)┛┏(-_-)┛┗(-_- )┓
Ados 8/3 7:08pm
Ados 8/3 7:07pm
Akina 8/3 6:49pm
Marozzi 8/3 6:24pm
Ados 8/3 6:16pm
Ados 8/3 5:25pm
C9 Vs. CDEC are you hyped Ados
Akina 8/3 5:10pm
My nigga j-lin #1 basketball player:
Ados 8/2 3:40am
I've got like 4 of my regulars that can make it, the guild I run it with decided to try mythics tonight
Dance 8/1 4:48pm
Ok scratch that, the person i run the raid with wants to start at 6 est because people have to leave early tonight
Dance 8/1 2:55pm
Yeah, 6 central 7 EST
Dance 8/1 2:52pm
midwinter world first alliance guild maybe?
Kanjar 8/1 9:25am
Ados 8/1 12:53am
Ados 8/1 12:52am
gg Limit
Thorazine 8/1 12:19am

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