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Brutus 7/28 6:14am
Beat me to it shaky!
Glucklich 7/28 12:45am
don't forget if you can make the raid testing do ettt (1:30, 7:00)
shaky 7/28 12:10am
Kanjar 7/27 1:24pm
ill go moodha
Icyy 7/26 3:46pm
so what happend to the beta characters
latinoheat 7/26 9:09am
Marozzi 7/26 5:11am
going to start an rbg group around 8-9 est if anyone wants to go let me know, already got about 5-6 people
Moodha 7/26 5:07am
I need to move to Kansas City for Google fiber
Glucklich 7/25 7:37pm
Glucklich 7/25 7:36pm
Testing is on monday instead, correct?
Kotr 7/25 7:29pm
rerolling feral brb
Akina 7/25 7:12pm
Typheous 7/25 7:09pm
Shut up hidiot, go stare at your hideous helvui for eternity
Typheous 7/25 7:07pm
Glucklich 7/25 6:34pm
do we copy a character or create new with this beta wipe
cabana 7/25 5:55pm
that ui, my eyes hurt
Marozzi 7/25 5:49pm Pretty sure Unholy lied to us about quitting.
Typheous 7/25 5:15pm

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We Are Recruiting!

I should point out, that at this time we are looking to recruit the following:

Holy/Discipline Priest (High Demand!)
Restoration Shaman

The expectations are that you are experienced in your class and role, and are willi [...]

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No, I really don't feel like explaining this.

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Glory of the Raider

While waiting on Ulduar, some of us decided to go for PvE Gladiator. Malygos turned out to be a bit more challenging than expected, though the hardest part of the encounter might be getting 10 people in the same place, at the same [...]

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So Wrath came out a month ago. In that time, here's what we've been up to.

Sartharion: Three Drakes

Instead of giving you a description of the fight, I summed up our five nights into this:

Also, congratulations to Gveers on server first Twiligh [...]

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You're probably asking yourself, so what exactly does a guild do, in the downtime between expansions? For us, while we prepared, it was a number of things, ranging from the Holidays, 3.0 to leveling new characters. Here's some of the gems I m [...]

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