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64 bit os? do i get that from the same place you download more RAM?
Robert Redford 2/12 6:01pm
Alpha crashes my 4 year old computer too hyper, youre not alone. Although mannoroth spawning imps and iskars p2 blast also freezes my screen for a few seconds each. may be time for a new one.
Skyfall 2/12 4:55pm
legally download 64 bit os so you arent capped at 4gb ????????
Patrick 2/12 4:46pm
Isn't 4 years like 12 in computer years?
Harpo 2/12 12:00pm
fuck. He's level 37 in Overwatch already
Bayson 2/12 11:56am
Someone make Sliz stop, he
Bayson 2/12 11:55am
this baby was top of the line 4 years ago eat a dick
Robert Redford 2/12 10:59am
by computer you mean toaster
Akina 2/12 10:08am
nice computer hyper
Marozzi 2/12 9:52am
whats 1/3 of 2 spells?
Kanjar 2/11 8:45pm
its ok 1/3 of arcane mage and demo lock casts crash ur client not missing much
Patrick 2/11 7:28pm
apparently 4.2 GB of RAM isnt enough for alpha???????
Robert Redford 2/11 2:58pm
\/ Ados getting triggered
Marozzi 2/11 11:27am
Another nerf to atonement and another buff to power word shield... This seems familiar
Nicolaa 2/11 9:15am
They made Sub a lot more interesting. That was fast.
Gurzen 2/11 12:38am
New Voidform thing.
Gurzen 2/11 12:34am
Wo new shit on alpha, arcane hype?
yungg 2/10 8:48pm
you kiss your mother with that mouth?
Kanjar 2/10 7:58pm
new harry potter bitch gonna ruin her own story
Patrick 2/10 6:07pm
Overwatch hype
Bayson 2/9 7:51pm
Literately the only thing they have going for them is there fights sticks now. With there new line up of sticks for SFV they better fucking have some good QC on them cause there going to get fucked
Akina 2/8 8:05pm
Not even the bug, but uh, if you make a macro to take off and put back on felmelorn, it instantly adds stack of flame orb, allowing you to machinegun out phoenix flames
Dance 2/8 5:14pm

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