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Jay Wilson
Marozzi 5/6 9:11am
Why are they turning WoW into D3 again? I can't remember their reason behind it.
Gurzen 5/6 2:05am
but i cant cook
Robert Redford 5/5 9:41pm
Hyper, Trump wanted you to know that he loves you.
Gurzen 5/5 6:14pm
I think marozzi liking you actually makes it worse
Dance 5/5 9:19am
thats a good thing right
Marozzi 5/4 5:20pm
i still like you
Marozzi 5/4 5:20pm
I'm ashamed.
Gurzen 5/4 5:17pm
That sounded really sad.
Gurzen 5/4 5:17pm
Yeah, yesterday had to be the unluckiest day of my internet life.
Gurzen 5/4 5:17pm
riperino gurzen
Dance 5/4 10:31am
Kanjar 5/4 10:04am
just like you yesterday
Marozzi 5/4 9:41am
yerp, my GPU died
Gurzen 5/4 1:40am
if anyone has an extra early access key for overwatch msg me ty
Phíl 5/3 10:47pm
those aren't really analogous but yeah u right :3
Hastera 5/3 12:04am
"Fatness has little to nothing to do with health", yeah, and global warming is a hoax and vaccines cause autism. You know. Science.
Schrei 5/2 10:06pm
Patrick 5/2 7:38pm
And if you plan on playing D3 tonight, you should prob log in now.. 900 queue.
Gurzen 4/29 3:39pm

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Yes, Obs. EEEEE.

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