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Ekyo I'm going to put that spider on ur face while you sleep
Bayson 4/21 1:20am
u scared m8?
ekyo 4/20 9:25pm
I'm fucking banning you
shaky 4/20 8:59pm
cabana? ticket? halp?
Icyy 4/20 5:18pm
sucking dicks for poe beta, pst
Marozzi 4/20 3:15pm
but I wasn't going any faster than anyone else in front of me
Icyy 4/19 7:09pm
he said 85 on a 65
Icyy 4/19 7:08pm
how fast were you going
Robert Redford 4/19 7:08pm
Icyy 4/19 5:58pm
it was lidar from what i'm reading they don't need to be calibrated unlike radar that needs to be calibrated with a tuning fork
Icyy 4/19 5:36pm
Fight it IMO, speed guns need to be calibrated the day u got a ticket to hold up.
Talents 4/19 4:57pm
so i got a speeding ticket. Should i fight it? i havent gotten a citation in 7 years.
Icyy 4/19 4:21pm
Grats guys
Meecs 4/18 11:28am
Damn you've become bitter now scheiryl
Bayson 4/17 8:43pm
Marozzi 4/17 8:26pm
I think the short version is Cheryl is a bitch and nobody should be friends with her.
Schrei 4/17 7:31pm
I thought it was September 11th
Icyy 4/17 4:07pm
sry im jus havin some fun. the answer is actually september 04
ekyo 4/17 3:50pm
Why are you trolling Ekyo?
Telethar 4/17 3:38pm
alberts first statement rules out ALL of june and may, not just the days.
ekyo 4/17 2:58pm
ohhhh, those are the only two days that aren't unique. that's what I was getting hung up on.
Icyy 4/17 1:34pm
In more exciting news, ... 80101.html NOPENOPENOPE
Telethar 4/17 12:53pm
Albert's first statement rules out June 18th and May 19th. Bernard knows the month but not the day. After ruling out the first two, Bernard now knows the answer based only on the Month. That means the month is unique, there is only one unique month -- June. The answer is June 17th
Telethar 4/17 12:53pm

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