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should i get ps4 and play destiny on that?
Vudani 8/21 8:37pm
You never go full retarded
Icyy 8/21 8:03pm ... Female.jpg the downs is strong with these faces.
Brutus 8/21 7:56pm
wow.. BM t17 set bonuses O.O
Veredra 8/21 7:03pm
Akina 8/21 4:58pm
New WoD patch too get the shiet downloaded
Akina 8/21 4:58pm
Marozzi 8/21 3:07pm
Need moar peoples for the 430!!!
Vudani 8/21 3:01pm
Friday, August 22 The Butcher - Mythic Highmaul 10:30 PDT (13:30 EDT, 19:30 CEST) Twin Ogron - Mythic Highmaul 13:30 PDT (16:30 EDT, 22:30 CEST) Gruul - Mythic Foundry 16:00 PDT (19:00 EDT, 01:00 CEST)
Vudani 8/21 3:01pm
The Butcher, Twin Ogron, and Gruul
Akina 8/21 2:30pm
tomorrow vudani Friday, August 22!
Akina 8/21 2:29pm
telethar. I sent you a pm. thank you
julianbloom 8/21 2:29pm
they havent announced testing yet? hmmmm
Vudani 8/21 2:25pm
will send you the message. Thank you.
julianbloom 8/21 2:05pm
No one should give out someone else's contact info. If you want to get in contact with him either use the forums to send a PM or send me a PM and I will forward the message to his registered email address.
Telethar 8/21 2:03pm
thank you guys for responding btw
julianbloom 8/21 1:55pm
i tested that sending a message to myself. didn't send an email.
julianbloom 8/21 1:55pm
what is his battle tag? I just came back. Battle tags didn't even exist haha.
julianbloom 8/21 1:54pm
Or check battle tag, he's usually on D3.
Harpo 8/21 1:20pm
@julianbloom If you PM him, it should send a copy of your PM to his email, assuming he still using it. Does for me at least.
Valourknight 8/21 12:56pm
He doesnt raid with us anymore, I dont think anyone knows how to contact him outside of game.
Pikmin III 8/21 12:52pm
"You have no chance to survive make your time!"
jubz 8/21 12:51pm
thanks guys in advance. Miss that slutty mage
julianbloom 8/21 12:47pm
I asked about this a week or two ago. Can an officer please give me Mathris' email Address? Use to raid with him in for years vanilla. Trying to restablish contact.
julianbloom 8/21 12:47pm
wireless? umad?
Vudani 8/21 11:21am

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