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red bull 4 pack ✓ 5 hour energy ✓ 12 bags of hot cheetos ✓ its lit fam
Robert Redford 8/29 6:58pm
you cant fire me i quit
Robert Redford 8/29 4:50pm
that warrior leap is sooo badass. then there is that roll ....
dishi 8/29 2:14pm
That arms APM... disgusting
Mordraiv 8/29 1:25pm
ww life matters
dishi 8/29 12:57pm
every melee has noticeable amounts of wait time this is disgusting
Patrick 8/29 12:23pm
Patrick 8/29 12:04pm
Had my follow up at the eye doctor today to get those bandage contact lenses off. Vision is actually considerably worse because of it instead of better like I was expecting/hoping. Doctor says "try not to focus on anything or stare for too long in the next day or so," Hopefully my body understands the need to power level.
Pagulayan 8/29 9:14am
i think id snap my hand in half i i slapped someone like that
Robert Redford 8/28 8:45pm
Get this though, if you guys don't have it already.
Gurzen 8/28 12:00am
Yeahhhh no
Gurzen 8/27 10:39pm
Dance 8/27 10:34pm
Mage must always be #1
Gurzen 8/27 8:09pm
Why does Blizz keep buffing the highest dps class? That is a good question Harpo
moruff 8/27 7:53pm
Because fuck mages, that's why.
Schrei 8/27 12:41am

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We managed to get the big pre nerf Lei Shen kill this tier which is quite the accomplishment. The end of this tier was rough with composition challenges but once again Pie Chart prevailed, achieving a US 10th rank and killing Lei [...]

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Heroic Sha of Fear down! Tier 14 cleared!


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