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if you could stop posting hastera level non-sense gurzen that'd be great. Also, lol.
Arcenciel 9/27 4:50am
Dance 9/26 11:56pm
Makeitstack 9/26 11:47pm
Malachi 9/26 9:51pm
Priest lives don't matter. They keep telling us to kill ourselves. See S2M and Holy legendary.
whims 9/26 6:25pm
if class privilege is farming triple ap then i wanna be a rat
Robert Redford 9/26 6:11pm
That's some real class privilege stuff, there Harper. Must be nice, Priest Lives Matter
Talents 9/26 5:35pm
You mean you're no longer in perpetual fear of having to change specs and level a new artifact because the changes were too strong?
Harpo 9/26 4:15pm
I'm starting to feel like all the salt I threw around all weekend was worth, we'll see
Talents 9/26 1:51pm
We are taking a second look at some changes Demon Hunters and Priests - more information coming on that soon. I think most people will be happy with Tuesdays Buffs! ;)
Talents 9/26 1:48pm
Not my picture, just saw it on the dk discord and seemed appropriate after how rough my tanking experience was.
Pagulayan 9/26 8:26am
what the seriuos fuck are you doing at your garrison, pull it together man!
Ados 9/26 4:33am
Pagulayan 9/26 3:40am
Just tossed in an app. Hope to hear from you guys soon :)
Azurik 9/26 2:24am
i just finished watching that
Talents 9/24 7:11pm
Talents 9/24 7:11pm
Gurzen 9/24 7:05pm
"This is absolute bullshit! Time for a class-action lawsuit vs. Blizzard. I'm fed up. It was hard enough performing with strong burst classes, and now this!? FU Blizzard!"
Gurzen 9/24 7:05pm
Gurzen 9/24 7:04pm
Damnit, i forgot about my cereal and it got soggy.
Albimoo 9/24 12:46pm

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