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Teletha didn't. It's all good!
Timor 2/26 12:52pm
I'd probably get shot in BR land
jubz 2/26 12:17pm
leaving work soon be a little late
Thorazine 2/25 7:33pm
Marozzi 2/25 6:44pm
@jubz go to Brazil visit Marozzi hue (don't come, he's boring too)
Timor 2/25 4:47pm
let's go to Hawaii jubz mid progression. yolo
Icyy 2/25 2:46pm
eat a dick bronoxia, I'm beautiful
Robert Redford 2/25 1:24pm
@hyper oh my god kill it
Inoxia 2/25 1:12pm
my first world problem of the day: I really want to take a vacation, but my friends are all boring / dont have money :(
jubz 2/25 10:21am
Thanks inoxia, i'll check it out
Ashen 2/24 8:45pm
Hitting some traffic should still be home for 730 but maybe 10-15 late
Talents 2/24 6:44pm
Get them 675 though. I had a 97% success rate before I upgraded them to 675 and then it was 100%
Glucklich 2/24 6:17pm
Marozzi 2/24 5:08pm
whats the ilvl req for the followers for this again?
jubz 2/24 4:47pm
pseudo-EJ without the downs of mmochamp
Inoxia 2/24 4:22pm
mages use
Inoxia 2/24 4:22pm
mythic brf mission confirmed get to your garrisons boys
Robert Redford 2/24 3:39pm
Whoa look at all these raiders reading the forums
Ashen 2/23 10:13pm
hey marozzi, ( ° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮ here's a "4chan link" for you ( ° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮
Robert Redford 2/23 11:27am
thats amazing
Marozzi 2/23 1:44am
( ° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮
Marozzi 2/23 1:44am
yeah that was my impression. I'm biased too from before
Ashen 2/22 6:44pm
Problem with mmo is that you need to know what you looking for. so many retarded threads/posts that you need to filter most of what you read. At least the rogue part is like this. Rip EJ.
Marozzi 2/22 1:14pm
Ashen 2/22 12:02pm

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April Fools!

On to the next one.

As is the case with anything, there comes a point where one journey ends and another begins. I am proud to announce that after a few months of deliberation, Pie Chart has finally decided to transition itself into compet [...]

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In preparation for Mists of Pandaria Pie Chart of US - Firetree is selling 8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul runs weekly. All loot goes to the buyer - including t13 tokens - Deathwing trinkets - Deathwing weapons. [...]

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We're 8/8, but this is just a filler post because Ashunei won't give us a front page post for months anyway!
Maybe seeing this every time he opens the website will cause an update to happen sooner?


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Backs Were Broken.


Classic Pie Chart fashion: Last attempt of the night, last attempt of the lockout.
(Second to last attempt of the night: wipe to first plate because we're apparently awful at Tendon DPS. Oh wait)

I don't know where to [...]

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6/8 Heroic Dragon Soul

H: Zon'ozz

H: Yorsahj

H: Hagara
(Yup, we improvised on this one. Credit goes to Schrei)

H: Warmaster
To explain this in a word; ..well I can't actually. For a not-so-drunk view of our Warmaster Funship tomfoolery, see [...]

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