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oh my fuck! my computer turned off while download the ptr.....FFs
Akina 1/25 12:21pm
That's a lot of people masturbating there Bayson!
jubz 1/25 4:22am
It's like BC launch all over again.
Schrei 1/24 9:51pm
Gonna get my 10 year Orc-Wolf statue, hue
Veredra 1/24 5:16am
"You are not authorised to read this forum." ;_;
Schrei 1/23 7:51pm
Vudani 1/23 7:17pm
sounds like its time to dl the ptr
Vudani 1/23 6:57pm
Organized guilds should keep an eye on the PTR forums next week for a couple of more targeted tests of specific bosses on higher difficulties.
Glucklich 1/23 6:54pm
We've opened up the Blackrock Foundry raid on the 6.1 PTR for the weekend. The first boss(es) of each wing are accessible (Oregorger and Gruul in the Slagworks; Hans'gar and Franzok in the Black Forge; and Beastlord Darmac in the Iron Assembly), on Normal difficulty only.
Glucklich 1/23 6:52pm
Those are a native species of festivals, Kotr. They are beautiful animals.
Brutus 1/23 6:09pm
YES! I love that Burst of skills nerf
jubz 1/23 2:51pm
butt cam inc
Typheous 1/23 2:41pm
my rogue will get a nice butt upgrade. cant complain
Marozzi 1/23 2:26pm
Selfie cam comes out at the same time as BE female character update, coincidence? I think not.
Talents 1/23 2:24pm
ikr, gimme one
Marozzi 1/23 2:13pm
they should bring back down the energy cost then
Icyy 1/23 1:01pm
fucking finally!
Akina 1/23 12:48pm
Marozzi 1/23 12:24pm
Burst of Speed now has a 3 sec cooldown.
Marozzi 1/23 12:24pm
wow.... She looks surprisingly happy to be wearing that
jubz 1/23 10:42am

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