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My computer is going crazy stuck at Windows loading screen.
Bayson 12/17 7:28pm Spin the Blizzard wheel
Brutus 12/17 4:34pm
Icyy 12/17 2:24pm
I didn't have it glyphed last night
Typheous 12/17 1:49pm
shaky 12/17 12:51pm
it has never worked for us.
Vudani 12/17 12:16pm
What's to figure out
Typheous 12/17 12:13pm
can someone figure out how mocking banner works on glad war???
Vudani 12/17 11:14am
Icyy 12/17 1:03am
wrecked nerd
Kotr 12/16 5:04pm
Service provider cut my net despite paying the bill, thats why I dcd early.
Thorazine 12/16 12:45pm
Good job on Tectus! Keep the pace buddies!
Timor 12/16 5:28am
blizz changed the file format, so WMV doesnt work anymore. still have to figure out a way to get the models
ekyo 12/15 4:50pm
plz update the banner i have not been an ugly troll since WoD
Noriala 12/15 3:40pm
need moar cleave
Vudani 12/15 11:38am
I uploaded logs from last night's raid. Looks to be everything
Nicolaa 12/15 10:36am
WCL client crashed last night after 3 attempts for some reason. The kill literally broke the client.
cabana 12/15 10:01am
wtb logs for brackenspore kill
Kotr 12/15 5:24am
Veredra 12/15 4:32am
Jrak 12/14 4:51pm

View the latest post WTS 8/8 HEROIC Dragon Soul - Including Deathwing


In preparation for Mists of Pandaria Pie Chart of US - Firetree is selling 8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul runs weekly. All loot goes to the buyer - including t13 tokens - Deathwing trinkets - Deathwing weapons. [...]

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View the latest post Heroic: Madness of Deathwing Down!

We're 8/8, but this is just a filler post because Ashunei won't give us a front page post for months anyway!
Maybe seeing this every time he opens the website will cause an update to happen sooner?


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View the latest post Heroic: Spine of Deathwing Down!

Backs Were Broken.


Classic Pie Chart fashion: Last attempt of the night, last attempt of the lockout.
(Second to last attempt of the night: wipe to first plate because we're apparently awful at Tendon DPS. Oh wait)

I don't know where to [...]

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View the latest post We're Now 6/8 H Dragon Soul!

6/8 Heroic Dragon Soul

H: Zon'ozz

H: Yorsahj

H: Hagara
(Yup, we improvised on this one. Credit goes to Schrei)

H: Warmaster
To explain this in a word; ..well I can't actually. For a not-so-drunk view of our Warmaster Funship tomfoolery, see [...]

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View the latest post Pure Fireblood Hawk Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Piks on Winning the Raffle!


I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the raffle and made it a success! As of now, the contest is finished but we do hope to have another one in the near future! Stay tuned!

And finally, I' [...]

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