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I've been on a list forever, I'd be surprised if I wasn't
Icyy 4/1 12:45pm
grats, you are now on a list
Robert Redford 4/1 12:34pm
I'm doing it at the white house
Icyy 4/1 12:00pm
rofl pacman on Google maps
Icyy 4/1 11:59am
The difference between BC and the rest was that old content was still relevant the whole time people were pushing Sunwell. There were guild still progressing through t5-6.
Schrei 3/31 8:05pm
gotta boost those numbers before the fiscal year for investors. Oh hey look we did much better in Q4 give me all your moneyz
Icyy 3/31 6:58pm
Q4 market is too strong. Expansions always going to be released there. Unfortunately Q4 is also a very good market for a new tier to drop. That's why that cycle has repeated 3x. I'd be shocked if it didn't repeat again
Talents 3/31 6:00pm
i think it was like 10 months between BT and SW
ekyo 3/31 5:34pm
How long did Black Temple last (before Sunwell came out)?
Telethar 3/31 5:05pm
ds was like 8 months it just felt like a year. ICC was almost exactly a year, and SoO was wellllll over a year.
Icyy 3/31 4:58pm
that aint shit hyper
cabana 3/31 4:40pm
DS was short.
shaky 3/31 3:55pm
I still find it funny that they've made that mistake 3 expansions in a row. ICC, DS, and SoO all lasted entirely too long.
Schrei 3/31 2:37pm
trust me, you would hate siege after 1 year of farm.
Marozzi 3/31 12:45pm
gz on BF!!!
Timor 3/27 9:46am
Grats guys
Meecs 3/26 11:30pm
notice me senpai
jubz 3/26 8:26pm
jubz 3/26 8:26pm
be home in 30
Icyy 3/25 6:36pm
jubz 3/25 5:15pm

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