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I totally met a Reaper cosplayer while in my Reaper shirt. Also he's gunna be at Blizzcon. #OVERWATCHHYPE
Schrei 5/30 1:38am
balanced trinket is balanced
Marozzi 5/28 5:54pm
00:54:05.146 Marozzihue Spirit Eruption Soulbound Construct (A: 1258071)
Marozzi 5/28 5:54pm
there are no more 40 man i think, they reduced to 20
Marozzi 5/28 3:11pm
wildstar free to play in the fall, lets kill that 40 man raid dragon
shaky 5/28 2:08pm
Hey guys
Zevoa 5/28 12:08pm
why would they do this
Telethar 5/27 1:24pm
rip telethar fun
Marozzi 5/27 2:49am
New zoning laws prevent the placement of temporary tents created via Leatherworking in capital cities.
Marozzi 5/27 2:49am
excuse me ados???????? nico is married to me, suck ym dick faggot
Marozzi 5/26 11:56am
Going back to ff14 confirmed
Nicolaa 5/26 8:28am
Ados 5/26 3:51am
I am seeking a homosexual named Josh AKA Mizzix AKA Dravi for challenge modes PST
Robert Redford 5/24 6:35pm
We now have the technology to send mages up on every balcony!
Bayson 5/23 2:16am
"Moving forward, new expansions are also unlikely to have flying outside of specific zones or expansion ideas." RIP IN PEACE
Robert Redford 5/22 8:41pm
Incendiary Shot's damage has been reduced by 25% on Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulties.
Malachi 5/22 7:04pm
it's i good thing i don't know him then
Icyy 5/21 1:30am
35/36 enemies killed THANKS MAROZZI M U C K F A R O Z Z I
Robert Redford 5/21 1:21am
Wish your dad would of said that the night you were conceived.
cabana 5/20 11:13pm
shouldve let me come
Icyy 5/20 11:01pm
rip challenge modes??? where the fuck are you faggots
Robert Redford 5/20 8:11pm
Dead class. Gotta love the random unnecessary attacks on revival.
Ados 5/20 2:47pm
Mistweaver Revival now has a 40 yd range, down from 100.
Ados 5/20 2:47pm