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Those are some oddly specific filters
Albimoo 10/27 4:23pm
We gonna do it? Round 2
Nicolaa 10/27 9:30am
Robert Redford 10/26 10:40am
Telethar 10/25 6:24pm ... 4983616/13 I get the feeling this doesn't work for my spec yet
Telethar 10/25 1:37pm
Pockets 10/25 11:38am ... 26980204/8 tool that is going to make me a better player
dishi 10/25 10:08am
2% damage increase to Outlaw, sick.
Telethar 10/24 4:49pm
dishi 10/24 2:49pm
is that picture perfect player error?
Arcenciel 10/23 1:43am
Gurzen 10/23 1:30am
shut up
Hastera 10/21 2:52pm
"We won't change Roll the Bones but we might buff SnD a little bit? Lol" - Blizzard Dead spec.
Rhilis 10/21 11:24am
They call me Betty Boulders
Nicolaa 10/21 10:35am
Albi paid me to sabotage the runs, and nico is a pro rock climber
Hodorchan 10/21 10:25am
Hodor is legit the best at beeing on the exact spot to reset a boss. can confirm.
Arcenciel 10/21 10:07am
obv you need more movement speed
dishi 10/21 9:33am how to lose +12 key in 5 minutes
Patrick 10/21 9:08am