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yes, I think your friends gave me cancer.
Arcenciel 8/31 2:38am
ark did you die
Dance 8/30 1:38am
12 bags of hot cheetos? I would have thought you'd do something other than your usual evening snacking for leveling.
Pagulayan 8/29 10:12pm
red bull 4 pack ✓ 5 hour energy ✓ 12 bags of hot cheetos ✓ its lit fam
Robert Redford 8/29 6:58pm
you cant fire me i quit
Robert Redford 8/29 4:50pm
that warrior leap is sooo badass. then there is that roll ....
dishi 8/29 2:14pm
That arms APM... disgusting
Mordraiv 8/29 1:25pm
ww life matters
dishi 8/29 12:57pm
every melee has noticeable amounts of wait time this is disgusting
Patrick 8/29 12:23pm
Patrick 8/29 12:04pm
Had my follow up at the eye doctor today to get those bandage contact lenses off. Vision is actually considerably worse because of it instead of better like I was expecting/hoping. Doctor says "try not to focus on anything or stare for too long in the next day or so," Hopefully my body understands the need to power level.
Pagulayan 8/29 9:14am
i think id snap my hand in half i i slapped someone like that
Robert Redford 8/28 8:45pm
Get this though, if you guys don't have it already.
Gurzen 8/28 12:00am
Yeahhhh no
Gurzen 8/27 10:39pm
Dance 8/27 10:34pm