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Immortal Sinestra

Postby Medeoan » Sun Aug 26, 2012 12:53 pm

Hello Pie Chart,

Before anything else, let me state I am NOT interested in purchasing this achievement. Even if I was I barely have 3000g on Firetree. My name is Medeoan and I have an alt mage on Firetree in the guild <ONE> to support my brother's presence on the server. My main is also a mage named Medeoan in the guild <Demise> on Burning Blade. ... n/advanced

With Mists of Pandaria almost upon us, I am working on getting the Immortal Sinestra achievement done. As such I am running this raid on each of the 4 85's I have and coordinating these raids through So far I have run it twice this week and seen both runs fall short as someone screwed up with their abilities (a mage used images in phase 3 first run, rogue didn't save enough energy to gouge the spite caller in run 2).

I am organizing my 3rd run for later today at 6pm CST, 7 server. I have one experience healer signed up and looking for 2 more. I am currently pulling DPS from my Heroic Ragnaros farm group. The run on Open Raid is:

On a final note I have heard two rumors about this particular achievement. First one is that it will become a Feat of Strength this very coming Tuesday and the second is that will become like "Herald of the Titans" where you must meet certain limitations with respect to level to get this done. If the achievement remains post Tuesday I will keep running this each week till MoP actually launches.

If this is something y'all would like to keep in house, I can understand and wish y'all the best of luck.
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